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April 28, 2009

Local Flavor Tuesday

I'm not sure where you are from, but here in SE PA, it has been a scorching 90+ degrees the last few days. What a great reminder that summer is just around the corner!

I've been excited for the month of May to arrive. The weather is beautiful, the flowers are in bloom, and...

...it is time for one of my favorite local things to begin.

Local Flavor Tuesdays

The Farmer's Market

I love local Farmer's Markets. We are lucky, in that there are plenty of Farmer's (or "Grower's") Markets surrounding our area. There is nothing more wholesome and healthy than the food one can purchase at a Farmer's Market. It is great to know you are supporting local agriculture and business, while simultaneously lowering your carbon footprint. I love the sense of community that is built at these markets, and how familiar the faces become week after week. A Saturday morning spent walking to the Farmer's Market, grabbing an organic muffin to compliment your organic coffee, and talking to the friends, faces and local vendors you have come to adore is PRICELESS.

My 2 favorite local Farmer's/Grower's Markets:

Here, I have become familiar with the great local farms and farmers, and what produce and product my community has to offer. It's not just fruit and veggies here, folks! We have soap, meat (beef AND buffalo!) and poultry, honey, cheese, flowers, (organic and/or homemade) baked goods, (organic) coffee, candles and WINE! Many have live local music (do you play guitar? SIGN UP!), an area just for kids, and, in Phoenixville, they have YOGA!

What you will find is that many of the same farmers and vendors will rotate throughout the month between several Farmer's/Grower's Markets, often spending 1-2 times a month at each Market (some, though, only set up shop at one Market). I wish I could list every local orchard and farm, but there are too many (and I'd hate to leave out even one of them!)

I'd encourage you to check out your local Markets. Do you live close to West Chester or Phoenixville? The links for their websites are above. Want to see what else your community has to offer? Check out LocalHarvest for your nearest Farms, CSA's and Farmer's Markets. Don't wait too long, many local Market's start this week or next!

Hope to see you one of these Saturday mornings!

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  1. I bought some soap on Saturday! It was my $6 splurge :)


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