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March 25, 2009

True Life Stay-At-Home Confessional

I'd consider myself a mostly well-rounded eater. If it's run-of-the-mill (in this category, I would include your basics, such as chicken, beef, starches, fruits and vegetables), I will most likely try it. Sure, there are things that I do not like. I refuse to eat seafood. I think seafood ("seafood" encompasses anything that has lived the duration of it's sad life in water - fresh or salt. Included in this category would be fish, crustaceans [lobster and crab], shrimp, craw fish, shark, turtle, whale, jellyfish, pollution, whatever). I'm not big on strong (read: stinky) cheeses. I like Mexican food, but prefer less cilantro.

So I have my eupicurious opinions.

My daughter has her gourmet opinions as well. She will eat just about any kind of baby food fruit. She has devoured pureed beef and chicken. She has passionately spit out sweet peas. It's amazing that she does not know what she is missing. She has yet to taste chocolate, chevre, spaghetti and chicken cordon bleu. All that her taste buds know exist in tiny jars and plastic tubs, pasty purees every color of the rainbow.

They delight her.

The intrigue me.

My confession this week:

I've tasted Baby Food. And I kind of like it.

It is true. I've dabbled in the world of Gerber. My husband, Bill, and I have agreed that we should at least try the food that we expect our baby to eat. Would it not otherwise be a double-standard? And I will admit: It's not so bad. My husband is more daring than me. He has bravely check out the meats, of which you will never catch my mouth near. I'm a little more squeamish about the vegetables, but have, on occasion, tried them (these "occasions" are often forced upon me, when my daughter finds it more humorous to spit her gummed treats out at me then to swallow them).

Most of the fruits are fantastic. The thought has crossed my mind that, if I were really in a pinch for a dessert, most of these fruits (granted, it would take upwards of 3o jars) could be poured into some dough, baked, and pass quite easily for a pie.

My favorite delectables are the Puffs. Gerber (and all other baby food companies) make these Cheerio-type snacks that melt almost instantly when they come in contact with moisture. They are meant for older babies who are learning to finger feed, and pose less of a choking threat (thank goodness - finger feeding freaks me out). Lucy (my daughter) started eating Puffs about a month ago. The fruit ones come in tasty varieties, such as Strawberry Apple, Peach, Banana, Corn, etc.

How can I know they are "tasty," you ask? Well, because I have tasted and I have seen the goodness of Puffs. Lucy immediately took to gobbling these snacks up. One day, while she was working hard to get a Puff into her mouth, I scanned the nutrition info on the back of the container. What could be in these morsels, anyway? Well, not much, to be honest. BUT, I was stunned to find out that a serving of Puffs (73 pieces, to be exact) is only 25 CALORIES.


Since my nutrition fact encounter, I have, in fact, considered buying Puffs for myself as a low-calorie snack. I haven't yet, but it's on my mind.

So, there you have it. In my daytime hours of being-at-home, I have partaken in crazy things. Maybe I have done said things in the name of safety, testing them so that I can deem them safe for my child. Maybe I have done said things out of curiosity. Maybe I have done said things out of complete stir-craziness. But I have come to one conclusion:

If it's good enough for Lucy, it's good enough for me...


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