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March 25, 2009

Local Flavor Tuesday - One Day Late

One of my small obsessions is real estate. For a long time now, I have been intrigued by the buying and selling of houses.

Now, let me clarify and say: I have never bought or sold a home. I dream of it, though. For years, I have longed for home ownership. As stated in some earlier posts, my husband and I have moved a lot, from rented apartment to rented apartment. There comes a time when you no longer want to live under the thumb of your landlord. One can become tired of staring at white unpaintable walls filled with holes obviously fixed time and time again as each tenant moves out and a new tenant moves in.

Don't we all want a place to call our own?

Unfortunately, up until now, the market has not been in our favor. For young, first-time home buyers with little money to put down, we thought we'd never be able to buy a house. Now that the market is changing, things are looking a little more in our favor. It will still be a stretch, but we are excited at the prospect of looking.

Thanks to some friends, I have, for the past 2 years diligently spent the first 15 minutes of my morning scanning my favorite website, which I am excited to share with you now:

I am obsessed.

This is a local real estate company, so anyone out of the area will probably not find this post to be of any interest. I know 2 couples so far that have used EveryHome to buy their house, and their experiences have been positive. I'd encourage you to at least check out the website (to be able to surf the website, put "s" into user name and it will log you on).

Even if you have a realtor, I have found the EveryHome website easier to maneuver and search on then ANY OTHER real estate website out there.

Hope this helps and encourages people living locally. Maybe this will be the year for some of us to finally get that "home to call our own!"

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