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March 27, 2009


I've had several people ask about recipes recently, and I'm so glad that people are able to utilize this blog to add some spice to their cooking (pun intended).

To make it easier for people to navigate the site, I've labeled all the posts (look at the bottom of each one). For those who are looking for RECIPES in particular, look for the following labels:

"RECIPES." Clicking on this label at the bottom of a post will bring up ANY post that has a recipe (whether it's a dinner, dessert, side, etc). As of today, I believe there should be 19.

I've also tagged each post individually, as it pertains to the type of recipe it is (Tasty Treat, Sides and Salads, Simple Suppers and Cooking Light), in case you are looking more specifically.

To give you a starting point, I've tagged the bottom of this post with ALL of the possible recipe-related posts.

To make it even easier, CHECK OUT THE SIDE MENU to your right. Clicking on the links will bring up the corresponding posts as well.

I've become so blog-tech savvy.

(For those of you who read this blog [read: all, what, 3 of you?] who are NOT looking for recipes, I've also tagged all the Local Flavor, Frugal Fridays and Confessions as well)

Hope that helps! And please continue to send recipe contributions! We all benefit when you do!

1 comment :

  1. love the new organized format!!
    :-) L (one of you fans!!)


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