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March 27, 2009

Frugal Fridays

As I stated a few months ago, I've become passionate about clipping coupons. I love it. When I wake up on Sunday mornings, I can barely contain my excitement to drive and get the Sunday Paper, LOADED with coupons. I follow several blogs dedicated to Frugality, often leading me to good deals, free samples and, of course, coupons.

I recently realized that I have been missing out on some easily gained coupons. This has been an oversight on my part, but I will contribute this to complete laziness and lack of observation. So that you do not make the same mistakes I have been making, I'll explain what I mean.

Often, when one buys products from the grocery store, the front of the box/bag/container says something to the effect of "Coupon inside/under label/etc." Previously, I have written these precious hints off. "So what," I would say to myself, "I don't clip coupons. I'm not going to spend 5 minutes mangling this box just for a stupid coupon."

Stupid coupon?!?!

I could hit myself.

I now spend minutes mangling boxes, tearing labels, fishing through bags of lettuce and carefully opening containers for these coupons. Looking back over what I have read, I sound a bit like a lunatic. I'm really not. I just feel a little bit like I've found a new treasure, and I'm ready to start treasure hunting!

Some great coupons I have found recently:

- Quaker Simple Harvest Oatmeal (it's good and good for you -I've been eating the oatmeal and granola bars a lot): $1.00 off Simple Harvest Oatmeal or Granola bars (I don't have a picture of this one).

- Reynolds Parchment Paper (I have been using this a LOT when cooking. ): $1.00 off 2 rolls of parchment paper

This is why it's worth checking inside boxes, bags and containers: Notice that the box (above) doesn't even mention a coupon. But here it is, peeking out like a kid who just lost at Hide-And-Go-Seek (below - along with 2 baking recipes that looked pretty good!)

- Perdue Perfect Portions Chicken: $1.00 off 1 package of Perfect Portion Chicken AND $1.00 off 1 pouch of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (there is a recipe attached to the coupon)

The coupon pictured below was inside the bag of Perdue Chicken. Don't worry - all the "perfect portions" are individually wrapped, so I wasn't battling raw chicken for this coupon. Even I'M not THAT crazy. The coupon was nicely wrapped in plastic - and I was glad to find it was a 2-in-1 coupon! Sometimes you have to fish for the coupons (I've seen the "fishing" kind in bags of salad, cereal and other various and sundry items)

Believe me, there are more out there. If you've already bought the thing, it's worth fishing for the coupons or cutting them out of the box. IT'S FREE MONEY. Sort of. Either way, you'll hopefully get as excited as I do when I look at the bottom of my grocery receipt to see, "Today's Savings $42.85."

So, check your pantry/freezer/fridge for coupons, peek inside your boxes of oatmeal for savings. The savings are not as elusive as you think. You just need to look for them. Don't let good opportunities pass you by!

If you know of any present coupons, PLEASE email me ( or leave a comment so we can all get in on the savings!

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