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March 17, 2009

Local Flavor Tuesday

In the span of our marriage (a mere [almost] 2 and a half years), my husband and I have moved a total of 4 times, racking up 5 separate addresses. If people didn't know any better, I would not blame them for assuming shady things about us, such as rumors that we are evading the IRS or trying to outsmart the Parking Patrolers who ticket cars in West Chester (jerks). Really, we've just had plenty of life opportunities to pursue.

Being Champion Movers, we have gotten to see our fare share of Chester County. Couple that with the fact I used to work for the County of Chester, which required me to drive all over Kingdom Come to visit clients, I would say I have a solid grasp on the pulse of our beautiful County.

While I have spent most of my life in the grand hometown of West Chester, we lived in Phoenixville for a year. Phoenixville is an AWESOME up-and-coming town. Previously a town which was fueled (and eventually abandoned) by it's steel industry, Phoenixville is going through a huge revitalization. I believe it will be the "next big thing," rivaling other trendy downtowns, such as West Chester and Manayunk.

I will contend, though, that the greatest kept secret of Phoenixville is not in it's blossoming downtown. This treasure resides in a quiet strip mall (don't they all?), tagged by the humble florescent sign:

Now, you may not be one for Thai cuisine. I am not usually one to crave for Asian food.

But Thai Place is different.

Thai Place, although barely noticeable, wedged between a pizza shop and Weight Watchers, is a beautiful example to anyone willing to taste it's fare. With a comfortable dining room and friendly service, Thai Place is a local favorite worth being a patron of as much as your stomach allows (for my husband, Bill, this would be weekly, if not daily). During the afternoon, sunlight pours in the storefront windows, illuminating the plethora of Asian artwork and figurines the restaurant boasts.

During my pregnancy last year, we spent many nights at Thai Place - sometimes by ourselves, sometimes with friends. We even ate there the night before the baby came, in the hope that spicy food would kick start labor (it worked).

The food is well-priced and fresh. They have several different curries, wherein you can adjust the spiciness level according to your tastes. Bill and our friend, Rob, enjoy the adventure of seeing just how high their threshold for pain is. Each time, they seem to forget the literal sweat and tears from their last visit to Thai Place, as they place orders for the spiciest of spicy curry.

Many people have commented on Thai Place's Pad Thai, which is a staple favorite among Thai cuisine. Our friends have found the Thai Iced Tea quite a treat. The strong Black Tea blended with vanilla and coconut milk is a taste like none other.

So, if you find yourself driving around Phoenixville, wondering where to eat, head to Thai Place, and let me know what you think.

I highly recommend the Vegetable Spring Rolls. :)

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  1. Thanks for posting this...I'm interested in Thai food and never know where to go.

    You may know this already, but Giant is doing triple coupons this week. They have a strip of them in their circular for this week...thought you would love that!


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