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February 10, 2009

Guilty Pleasure Tuesday

If you came to my house on any given day, you'd find it in habitable condition.  It's not filthy, but the floors might need to be swept.  It's tidy, but at times a little cluttered.  Depending on the time of day you catch me, there might be a few dishes in the sink, or some spots needing to be cleaned off the table.  There are baby toys scattered around and clothes needing to be folded.

Each day, I can assure you, there is never a lack of things needing to be done.  Some days, I get to 9pm wondering if I did anything at ALL.  How are there crumbs on the counter? How is there more spit up on my shirt? How is there still another load of laundry?  Is that a dust-bunny or a real bunny? I have plenty of time during the day, albeit many of them dedicated to taking care of Lucy.  WHAT do I spend my time DOING?

Enter in...

 Guilty Pleasure #2.

I resisted getting Facebook for a good, long time. I'd hear people share some things about Facebook, and at first, I wasn't intrigued. I'd been highly disappointed by myspace, and wasn't in a place of needing another social network let down. Did I really want people to be able to access me? Are there people I really need to access? But more and more people in my life began registering for Facebook. It began sweeping through my family and friends. Over time, I became intrigued, almost guiltily so. I was ashamed that I, too, wanted to be part of the NEXT BIG FAD. And so...

I joined Facebook.

And my life has never been the same.

Some of you have caught the fever, so you know. You understand why I so aptly label Facebook as a GUILTY PLEASURE. I love that I get to catch up with old friends, make new friends, see pictures I would not otherwise have seen, and get sent a million useless and worthless notifications and requests. I love that there are loved ones I can connect with that I normally cannot, due to distance. I love learning more about the people I know. I love that Facebook gives me an portal to the Outside World, since I am often home all day (Is it cloudy or sunny? Is it cold or hot? Is it Monday or Thursday? Has the earth stopped rotating and our planet taken over by hostile alien beings? I have no idea - I am inside most days, many of which blur together as I do the same thing over and over...and over). This makes it a GOOD Guilty Pleasure for Stay-At-Homers. We need an outlet. We need to connect!

For all these reasons, I label Facebook a Pleasure.

Why a Guilty Pleasure, you may ask? Let's just be honest:  I waste time on it.  A lot.  I forsake my housework. I put off planning dinner. I am late to things, all in the name of Facebook. It causes me to stare at a computer screen, transfixed to this person's Wall or that person's photos. And let me say, it is ALL my fault. I CHOOSE to be on Facebook. But I promise, I can stop at any time.

Do I sound addicted?

Some of you have abstained from Facebook (here, I specifically think of Jen), for many of the above listed reasons. I commend you, Facebookless Friends. You have much more self-control than I. I'm sure your dinners are planned, your houses are clean and your children are tended to. But, I assure you (Jen), it is only a matter of time until you come down with the FEVER as well.

And your lives will NEVER be the same.

What are your Guilty Pleasures?


  1. My guilty pleasure is facebook, too! I can't believe how addicting it is!

    Another guilty pleasure that comes to mind is when they have those marathons of reality TV shows...I begin by watching one episode and before I know it, I've watched five.

  2. Well, yesterday it was Krispy Kreme doughnuts oh and watching The Bachelor. But today, I'm going to Austin's school to eat lunch with him and help in the class.

    Tonight I'll be right back to a guilty peasure - watching American Idol.

  3. my guilty pleasure is TWILIGHT
    and Steph- if you read all of the Twilight series, then I will get facebook. how ya like them apples?

  4. Facebook! now I know why my house looks like it's been ransacked! It's facebook's fault! (nevermind that my house has been like this for 28 years & I've only been on facebook for about 8 months)


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