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January 29, 2009


So, I haven't yet decided what to dedicate my Thursdays to - I'm thinking Tasty Treats.

This week, though, I found something I couldn't wait to share. Confession #3: I admittedly found said tidbit on Facebook, tagged by a friend of a friend.  That sounds a bit stalkerish, doesn't it? It's really not like that.

After reading it, I felt like running outside and screaming HELL YEAH at the top of my lungs. It just felt that good.

So, enjoy this tidbit.  For those of you who Stay-At-Home (or, heck, for those who are Moms in general, hope to BE a Mom some day, and work or don't work), I hope you find this freeing.  

To read it, click on the picture.

Next week, I'll be sure to start in on Tasty Treats...I have some good ones to chronicle!

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