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January 28, 2009

True Life Stay-At-Home Confessional

Since a large portion of my day is spent with a 6 month old, I can get away with some things that only she and I know about. Luckily my daughter is not yet verbal, so the secrets are safe with her.

Sometimes I just need to confess and clear the air of such things. Without doing so, they eat away at me, nag at me, and grow wildly out of my control. Maybe by confessing them, I will be able to confront them in real life.

Here is my Mid Week Confession:

I haven't cleaned my bathroom in at least a month.

AUGH! I know! It's so gross. It's one of those situations that, when I let it get slightly away from me, it suddenly turned into a job that commissions the help of Mr. Clean, Batman and President Obama. National crisis, people. It is not as easy as cleaning off the sink with a damp towel. The bathroom is at that point where it demands the get-on-your-knees (potentially in a hazmat suit) kind of deep clean that only gas station restrooms need.

I am truly haunted by the thought that God has had to create new species of mold to cling to our shower curtain liner, since we've gone through all the other varities that Creation has to offer. There are speckles of spit on the bathroom mirror, towels on the floor (in lieu of a bathmat) that need to get washed, and a portable baby swing taking up most of the floor space For the record, the swing is in there so I can have a place to put and watch my baby when I take a shower. Yes, my child has spent short amounts of time in this disgusting monstrosity when it has presented itself as necessary (mini confession #2?) 

[Note: "Necessary" defined as "Mom hasn't showered in roughly 2 days, possibly 3, and we have to go out in public"].

What kind of mother am I?!??!

A real one.

Now that it has been spoken (typed) of, perhaps I will now have the courage to do the deep clean that is needed.

Don't judge me.

That is my confession. Unfortunately, I have plenty more to share. They will come in due time.

What is your Stay-At-Home Confession?


  1. I confess that I'm working in an office in our house that we've still not totally unpacked, (since June). We don't even have pictures hanging on the walls.

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