Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom: Increasing Facebook Interaction Series

Increasing Facebook Interaction Series

Many Facebook Page Managers are frustrated by the seeming decline in exposure their pages are seeing. Whether they are bloggers pages or business/brand pages, it's hard to keep up with the ever-changing algorithm and new incentive to pay for posts. I'm hearing a lot of managers say that they are giving up on Facebook.

I'm here to say DON'T GIVE UP YET! 

In this series, I'll be sharing what what has worked for me. Nope, I'm not an expert (nor do I play one on TV). I just like the challenge and want to encourage others in finding an organic strategy that works for their audience. A lot of these principals are applicable to other social networks as well.

At the end of the series we'll have a 30 Day Facebook Challenge (#FB30Day). In this time, we'll create a strategy, implement the strategy and hold each other accountable to sticking it out! It will be a great experiment and hopefully we'll all come out of it with positive results!

I hope you'll find even a small shred of something that is helpful in this series. Don't hesitate to voice your opinion or weigh in - I love to learn new things as well!

To catch up on all the posts:

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