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December 1, 2015

Holiday Beauty Tips + $25 Giant Gift Card Giveaway

If you're anything like me, you have a Holiday Style Pinterest board. I spend the year scouting the holiday season's best looks, from outfits to hair and make up. I have a ton of big events to attend during the holiday season. But when I do head out to a holiday soiree (WITHOUT KIDS - hallelujah) or Christmas Eve with my family, I like to bring my fashion A-Game.

Which to most people is probably closer to an L-game or M-game. 

But I try.

In my scouting, I've found some great beauty and fashion trends this year. Here are 5 holiday beauty tips to inspire you:

Go Classic
Harken back to classic looks. I'm piecing together this traditional skirt + blouse combo this holiday season:

Go Simple
Holiday style does not have to be complicated. I'm LOVING this look, and wondering why I never thought to create this simple holiday outfit:

Black skinnies and a black blouse with a statement necklace. GENIUS.

Red and Green: Don't Put Your Hands Together
On one of my favorite Friends episodes, Chandler asks Joey if he had to choose Monica's homemade jam or the girl from the Xerox place "buck naked." Joey's response? Put your hands together! This is advice NOT to follow during the holiday season. Red and green are traditional holiday colors - and can be amazing as accents to a holiday outfit, individually. Opt for a red blouse with black leggings or a green dress. Try to avoid adding both colors to the same outfit. 

All is Shimmery and Bright
Shimmer is the name of the game for holiday makeup. Go for a pale gold or silver eyeshadow so it is not overpowering. It will be enough to make a statement and give you that holiday glow!

Use The Right Tools
Getting the perfect holiday look starts with the right tools. Until recently I did not have makeup brushes (I know, cue weeping and gnashing of teeth). Then I found out about the new Etos line of beauty products at Giant Food Stores, and I was sold! 

Etos is a simple European beauty brand that's been around since 1919. I love the quality, which allowed me to try new looks with eyeshadow that I wasn't able to before. Quality here does not mean you break the bank, either. The Etos brand is affordable and easily found at all Giant locations.

Are you ready to get glam for the holidays with Etos at Giant Food Stores? 

In the name of holiday beauty, Giant is giving one of my readers a $25 gift card! Get ready to win and TREAT YO' SELF!

To enter, fill out the rafflecopter below. The giveaway will run until next Wednesday, 12/9, at 12pm. Happy winning!

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