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October 2, 2015

Make Reading Fun with @MuttsComics #Mutts

Growing up, my parents would get the daily paper. I spent most elementary school breakfasts with my nose buried in the comics section. I loved the quick animated quips, which made me laugh and sometimes even challenged me to think. One of my favorites was The Far Side by Gary Larson. I owned several book anthologies of this one-frame comics, which to this day I still find amazingly smart and witty.

Once Chica was in elementary school, Hubby introduced her to his collection of Calvin and Hobbes books. She immediately took to the dialogue, endearing herself to mischievous Calvin and his sidekick tiger, Hobbes.

At first, I worried that we should be pushing her more toward storybooks and novels, to bolster her reading. I shared this with Hubby, who, as a high school English teacher, told me that comic books are actually a fantastic way to encourage kids to read. While they are very graphic, there are storylines and dialogue to follow. Since his stamp of approval, I've become a fan of comics, which Chica has really taken to.

I'm excited to introudce her to the world of MUTTS Comics! Being a lover of animals, these comics are right up her alley. 

In 1994 Patrick McDonnell created the comic strip MUTTS, which now appears in over 700 newspapers in 20 countries. MUTTS has been described by Peanuts creator Charles Schulz as “One of the best comic strips of all time.” McDonnell has received numerous awards for this strip, including the National Cartoonists Society’s highest honor, The Reuben, for Cartoonist of the Year.

Not only is MUTTS smart and funny, it's also mindful: MUTTS has won awards for its environmental and animal advocacy: two Genesis Awards from The Ark Trust, The HSUS Hollywood Genesis Award for Ongoing Commitment, the PETA Humanitarian Award, and a Sierra Club award. 

McDonnell’s website,, promotes his animal- and earth-friendly philosophy. Consistent with McDonnell’s concern for the environment, all of the MUTTS books are printed on recycled paper. He and his wife Karen happily reside with Amelie, their rescue Jack Russell terrier, and Not Ootie, their formerly feral cat.

Not only can MUTTS comics encourage kids to read, but they support good causes and teach great lessons too!

Get to know the world of MUTTS online as well as on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was provided a product and financial compensation for sharing. As always, all opinions are my own.

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