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August 30, 2015

5 Reasons To Love the Fit & Fresh Bento Box Lunch Kit

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Tomorrow is the first day of school.

As a kid, I was anxious about the bus ride, about my teacher, about my classmates. I'd worry about getting lost, forgetting my homework or encountering that awkward moment when you accidentally call your teacher "Mom" in front of the entire class.

(What, no one else had that happen?)

Moms get anxiety on the first day of school too. We worry about our kid's worries: about how they will fare on the bus, in the classroom, with their classmates. I worry creating a routine again, about the chaos of mornings and being ready on time.

One of my biggest stressors, actually, is making lunches. I try my best to pre-make lunches the night before. But let's be honest: that lasts for about a week into the school year, then all bets are off. I get lazy, which means I put off making lunches until the morning. Mornings are scrambles in our household: scrambling the get up, scrambling to get dressed, scrambling to eat, scrambling to get to the bus stop on time. When I leave lunches until the morning, not only am I pressed for time and rushed, but my creativity flies out the window.

Since Chica started school, I've become a big fan of Bento Box lunches. No, I'm not crazy artistic with them. I just really appreciate having everything compartmentalized and reusable because it forces me, even on busy mornings, to think outside the box.

(Pun intended).

This summer, I had a chance to check out the Fit & Fresh Bento Lunch Kits.

And friends? These are the bees knees. Here are 5 reasons why you need to rock lunch with Fit & Fresh Bento Lunch Kits, like, immediately:

1) No more baggies (and waste!)

I love that Bento Boxes are reusable. It means at the end of the day I can throw the containers in the dishwasher. It means no more plastic baggies and tinfoil - which means less waste. And it means less money spent, because you won't have to buy baggies and tinfoil to put snacks and sandwiches in - so you're saving money!

2) No spillage 

This is a big one for me. Not only is Bento Box compartmentalized, but the 2 smaller side compartments come with their own half cup container with a lid. So I can put yogurt in one and granola in the other, and there will be no mixed mess when Chica opens her lunch!

3) Durability and cleanability

Yes, I know cleanability isn't actually a word. But it should be. The Fit & Fresh Bento Box is made of a hard durable material, which can withstand drops, kicks and wear & tear of an elementary school day. It is covered in an easily-wiped down cloth material on the outside, and smooth material on the inside. I can't begin to tell you how messy my 2nd grader is. Suffice it to say, cleanability is SERIOUSLY NECESSARY.

4) Ice, ice, baby

Have you ever had a semi-warm ham and cheese sandwich. I'll save you the suspense: they're super gross. That was one of the most irritating things about lunch when I was a kid: having great lunch ingredients that would just not make it to lunch time. Yogurt, cheese, lunchmeat would all get lukewarm and soggy.  Problem solved: inside the Fit & Fresh Bento Box are 2 freezer packs that snap into the lid. Food stays cold all day. BOOM.

5) Creativity ensues

Last year, Chica had a cloth bag lunchbox. It was great and all, but I couldn't use a Bento Box appartus with it. And I'm going to be honest: my creativity stunk. Having compartments gives me a chance to think, "Hmm - what can I fill this space with?" It gets me to think outside of the sandwich. I'm looking forward to a lunches that Chica is excited to open this year! If you're looking for awesome inspiration, check out the 100 Days of Real Food School lunch archives.

If you're ready to shake up your lunch routine (and maybe make your morning routine a little easier), head to the Fit & Fresh website to place an order!

BACK TO SCHOOL DEAL: I saw this as I was working on my post - but Fit & Fresh is offering an AWESOME deal. You can get 2 Bento Lunch Kits for $25 with code 2BENTO25. The offer ends on 9/8 & cannot be combined with other offers. Without the offer, each lunch kit is $19.99 - so that's almost 2 for the price of 1!

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