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April 27, 2015

BIG NEWS: Forever Home

Last year around this time, I shared some BIG NEWS: That we were moving! Well, now that our lease is almost up  and some of our plans have firmed up, we will be on the road again moving to our Forever Home.

That's right: in 3 weeks we will be buying a house.

And not just any house.

We are buying my childhood home.

It's all very...emotional.

It has been a long and crazy journey. I think for as long as I can remember, I had always, deep down, wanted to buy my childhood home. My parents bought the house before I was born, and my mom worked hard to keep it after they got divorced. So, this house is where I lived my entire life until I went off to college.

Then came to live after I graduated from college.

And then again when Hubby and I were first married and were between apartments for a month.

And then, once again, when my mom gracious allowed me, Hubby and baby Chica and to live with her for 8 (sometimes very long) months while we were trying to buy our first house 5 years ago. 

Needless to say, it's been a big part of my life. 

But, it's been an even bigger part of my mom's life.

She has lived there for almost 40 years. She brought her babies home there. Where she has memories of raising kids are there. She transitioned from being married to single there. 

It's a lot.

When she first approached us about buying the house, I was surprised. I'd assumed that Mom would just stay there forever. But I think over the years, she has realized it's too much house for one person, and that it would be in her best interest to downsize. Which my sisters and I completely understand and support. I think having one of her daughters buy the house from her makes leaving the house more palatable. And while it is a great decision, I know it will be a big transition for her. 

When we moved to the townhouse we are currently renting, we knew the end goal would be buying Mom's house. We chose a townhouse in a location that would allow the girls to not have to change schools after the final move. And we went in knowing my mom would need "a year...or two" to take the plunge.

In January, Mom started making visits with her realtor, poking around at abodes of different sizes, styles and locations. She came back discouraged sometimes, and I worried that she may never find a new place that she would be happy in. We were actually in discussion over the possibility of building an in-law suite instead, when I got a call from her one Sunday afternoon.

"Hey Steph! Come meet me at this townhouse."

She quickly gave me the address and I road down to a cute little town just 10 minutes away from her current home. I knew Mom must be serious if she wanted me to come take a look. I pulled up to a little townhouse community tucked into a quaint little borough. Walking in the front door, I immediately saw why my mom was interested. Looking around the well-maintained home, everything just felt like her. I could see her there. And, most importantly, I could imagine her happy there.

A few days later, she was under contract, which meant we had to start getting our ducks in a row. The last few months have been getting documents, signing papers, gathering boxes, packing and generally stressing out over the impending move. We'll be painting two rooms (one of which we just finished this weekend - woot!), so I'll be sure to share pictures in the weeks to come.

So, in these remaining weeks (less than a month!), I pack and vascillate between excitement and sadness. Excitement for our new adventure becoming homeowners again, excitement to raise our girls in the very rooms I spent as a child. Excitement for this new chapter in my mom's life, where she will spread her wings and make new memories. But, mourning the loss of an era which was equal parts joy and sadness. The walls of that house hold the stories of a family molded through various storms, coming out stronger on the other side. 

A bittersweet transition.

But, above all, I'm excited to finally, after many years, be Forever Home.


I'll keep you updated on the Big Move. I'll share photos, seek advice,  and ask for you to keep me sane when things get crazy.

Until then: 

I'd love to hear YOUR tales of moving, dreams of your forever home, and the transitions you are facing in the near future. 

Leave a comment - tell me your story!

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