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September 10, 2014

Better Than Rice Krispy Treat Treats

This is an easy recipe to brighten your afternoon snack or surprise your unsuspecting child at lunch. This recipe was born out of desperation, when I found myself with 2 incredibly large boxes of Corn Flakes (a cereal we never buy). I was racking my brain for ways to use the cereal in fun and creative ways (as opposed to, you know, wasting it). And as I looked around my kitchen, the perfect idea popped into my head.

The thing I love about Rice Krispy Treats is that they are a versatile treat. Like, you are essentially just melting cereal together. So when you look at it that way THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES. Thanks to my friend Rachel, I now make Luck O' The Irish Treats every St. Patrick's Day (utilizing good ol' Lucky Charms, of course). And once in a while I've made Rice Krispy Treats with Cheerios just to change it up.

I wanted to spruce up the otherwise basic recipe, so I added a few fun things. And the result was FLIPPIN' DELECTABLE. I love them roughly 10 times more than regular Rice Krispy Treats.

It's amazing how changing up 3 or 4 ingredients can really just make an entirely new treat. Unfortunately I am not creative in the naming department, so "Better Than Rice Krispy Treat Treats" is the best I could do.

I'm open to new suggestions.

  • 6 cups of Corn Flakes
  • 1 bag of Marshmallows (don't measure - just get a bag of either big or minis)
  • 2 TBS of butter
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup of peanut butter (or other nut butter of choice - almond butter would be amazeballs)

In a large pot sprayed with cooking spray, melt the 2 TBS of butter. Once it is melted, tilt the pot to spread the butter around and coat the bottom of the pot. Add marshmallows. Melt them over low heat, watching carefully and stirring semi-often with a spatula that is sprayed with cooking spray (this recipe gets sticky, friends).

Once the marshmallows are completely melted, add the peanut butter and incorporate. Next, add the corn flakes and stir until well combined. Turn mixture into a greased 9x13 pan and let cool/set for 30 minutes. YOu want the marshmallows to harden back up.

Cut into squares and enjoy!


Seriously, there is something about the peanut butter that adds a depth to the recipe that makes it so much more addictive. I love it. Next time I am trying it with almond butter and possibly dried apple bits for an Autumn treat!

I'd love to hear how this turns out for you! Leave a comment with your outcome :)

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