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August 10, 2014

The Dyson DC59 Motorhead (Today's Special Value on QVC!) #CordlessOnTheQ

There is nothing so frustrating in life than having a vacuum that doesn't work.

And believe me, I speak from experience.

We never invested in a quality vacuum. We just got the cheaper versions of the appliance, which worked fine at first. I'd take these vacuums out and they'd happily suck up the dirt and muck that built up over time on our carpets.

Until they didn't.

I've had The Stubborn Toddler vacuum (the kind that throw a tantrum and  wouldn't pick up anything I directed it to). I've had the Regurgitating vacuum (the ones that would suck stuff up then promptly spit it out 5 seconds later). And I've had the Psychopath vacuum that would suck up dirt, throw up dirt, overheat and generally make me feel like Michael Keaton did in Mr. Mom.

We've all been there.

I've learned my lesson and realize, now, the importance of investing in a GOOD vacuum. Otherwise, your entire house suffers. Literally.

A few months ago, I had the chance to review the Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Stick Vac

And people? It changed my life.

First, I had no idea how amazing a cordless stick vacuum could be. Gone are the days of wimpy stick vacuums that couldn't pick up a crumb if you hand fed it. And gone are the days of doing the "Cord Tango" with your corded vacuum as you attempt to neaten up your house.

Well, the DC59 is now new and improved.

Meet the Dyson DC59 MOTORHEAD:

It looks familiar, no? 

With a body that is very similar to the DC59 Animal, it could be it's twin. But the pink handle is not the only difference. I got to do a side-by-side comparison of the two vacuums, and they offer two very different services.

First, the DC59 Motorhead has a much more powerful motor. You can feel the sucking power as it glides over your carpet. This is something that the DC59 Animal was lacking. 

The Animal is perfect for homes with mainly hardwood, tile or linoleum flooring. It did a decent job on carpet, but it wasn't made to be a solely-carpet vacuum. This is also clearly seen with the wider nozzle and larger head and brush.

The motor upgrade on the DC59 Motorhead makes this stick vacuum completely versatile, able to attack dirt on flat and carpeted surfaces with the greatest of ease. As with the DC59 Animal, it has this fantastic wall-mounted docking station where the vacuum charges when not in use. It is light (only 4.96 lbs) and you empty dirt from the bin with one touch of the release button.

I LOVE THIS, people.

This magical device has a retail price of $549.99. And believe me, it is worth every penny.

But today the Dyson DC59 Motorhead is the QVC Today's Special Value. Today only (until 11:59pm), you can purchase the Motorhead for $449.99 (yes, that's not a typo - a savings of $100) on, the QVC apps or by calling 800.345.1515.

This price includes:
  • DC59 Motorhead 
  • Soft dusting brush 
  • Flexi crevice tool 
  • Articulating hard floor tool 
  • Wide nozzle

It also comes with a 2 year parts and labor warranty! HOLLA!

I'll just leave this here so you can check it out on QVC yourself.

Who will be the proud new owner of a 

Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum today?

You can connect with Dyson on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

I received this product to facilitate a review and to inform my readers of this promotion. All opinions are, as always, completely my own. I like to keep it real, y'all.

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