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August 4, 2014

Reason #5091 Why I Can't Let My Kids Use My iPhone

It's a long car ride, filled with arguing, crying, whining and complaining. It's enough to make a parent loose the small amount of sanity they have been hanging on to since they pushed their firstborn into the world. You've used every parentism you know to quell the storm brewing between the siblings in the back of the car:

"Be nice to your sister!"

"Stay on YOUR side of the car."


"If you keep it up there will be a consequence."

"If you keep it up there will be a punishment."

"If you keep it up there will be no dessert."

So what is a parent to do?

A parent does what they need to do to keep their right mind. And despite all empirical evidence that this is a bad idea, they hand over their cell phone to distract their kids for the duration of the car ride. And despite all clinical research that telling them, "You can only use this one game," never works, you say it anyway.

And then you open up iPhoto on your laptop a few days later and your photo stream downloads. And you find this:

This is just a small sampling of the data that killed the battery life on my phone for several days until I realized they were taken.

You'd think the other 5,090 reasons would be enough, right?

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