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April 20, 2014

BISSELL Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop now at Best Buy #BissellAtBestBuy

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So I'm about to confess something bad here.

Like something awful, and I will immediately be stripped of any notions of the title domestic goddess immediately.


I've never mopped my floors.


I'm not untidy, believe me. I just never bought a mop. Or a bucket. And they always looked pretty decent. Now this is not to say I didn't clean my floors, people. I sweep daily and spot clean any mucked spots with a cleanser and rag on my hands and knees. 

Once or twice, Hubby (saintly man that he is) has wet-cleaned the kitchen and dining room floors (the only floors we would opt to mop) with a cleaning solution and rag. He removed all furniture and scrubbed on his hands and knees.

I know some of you are thinking, "But isn't mopping easier?"  Well, no. Mopping involves, first, a pre-sweep of the area. So, it always requires me to drag out my broom and get every piece of debris (beacause we all know how gross a floor gets that has been mopped without being swept).  Then it involves getting out a bucket and filling it with a cleaning solution. Then I'd have to get the mop and slosh it around from bucket to floor until everything was spic and span.

It's a lot of steps and, to be honest, I don't have a place to store all of those items. 

So when I heard about the BISSELL Symphony all-in-one vacuum and steam mop, I was pretty sure all of my cleaning dreams had come true. 


Best steam mop EVER.

This machine gets the job done. Complete with a variety of mop pads, the Symphony was simple to put together and use right out of the box. For the fact that it is a multi purpose steam cleaner, it's not really heavy and it's very easy to maneuver. Also? If you are anything like me and lose instructions within 5 minutes of opening a product, you are in luck: the instructions are RIGHT ON THE SIDE OF THE VACUUM.

As the mom of two girls, I love that the steam cleaner not only gets the floor clean but it also sanitizes. As the main household cleaner, I love that it vacuums debris and steams hardwood floors SIMULTANEOUSLY.

The BISSELL Symphony is now available at Best Buy, which is great, because at Best Buy it comes with additional pack-ins including:

- 1 Symphony™ All in One Vacuum and Steam Mop

- 4 Microfiber mop pads (2 soft, 2 scrubby)

- 1 Water Filter

- 1 Water Cup

Here are some great FAQ's if you (like me) have never had the privelege of owning an all-in-one steam mop before:

How do I use a steam mop to sanitize my floor?

By holding the steam mop in place for 15–20 seconds, you can sanitize your floors by killing germs such as E. coli and salmonella.

Is it okay to use steam on my wood floors?

Yes, BISSELL steam mops are designed to clean sealed hard flooring such as ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, marble, stone, and hardwood floors. Steam is not recommended for use on unsealed wood floors. Before cleaning, test in an inconspicuous area and check the care instructions from your flooring manufacturer.

How long will it take my steam mop to heat up?

The steam mop is ready to clean in approximately 30 seconds. It is normal to hear a knocking sound as it heats up. When the indicator light on the front of the unit comes on, you’re ready to clean. During the first use it might take a little longer to begin steaming since the water needs to flow through the filter to the heater. This delay will occur only during the initial use or when using a new filter.

How can it vacuum and steam at the same time?

It's all thanks to an innovative design that utilizes a powerful cyclonic action vacuum to pick up small to large, dry debris off the floor before it comes into contact with our specially designed steam foot. Steam then cuts through grease and grime to clean sticky, stuck-on messes. It wasn't easy, but that's why it's the only product on the market that can vacuum and steam at the same time.

OK - who is ready to revolutionize their floor cleaning?? Head over to Best Buy now to learn more!

Special Offer: Get Free Mop Pads with Purchase of Bissell Symphony. This offer is valid

ONLINE only as the mop pads are not sold in store.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

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