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January 27, 2014

How to Have a SUPER Superbowl Party with Rubbermaid Storage and Sharpie Markers

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Rubbermaid and Sharpie but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RubbermaidSharpie

I absolutely love hosting parties. It's my favorite. FAVORITE. Having people over, enjoying our house, enjoying one another's company. The best part of entertaining for me, though, is the food. I spend days poring over appetizer, dip and snack pins trying to find new and exciting inspiration. If I'm honest, my favorite kind of meal is appetizers. I could eat an entire meal consisting of snacks and dips. Just make sure the chips are filled!

One of the problems I run into when preparing to host is how to serve the food. Presentation is everything, and you can't just throw a block of cheese on a plate or a jar of salsa on the counter. I currently don't have a lot of simple matching serving vessels. Rather, I have an assortment of mixing bowls I throw chips and dips into, and a few mismatched serving plates for things like cheese or vegetables. It's all fine and dandy, but I'd love a more cohesive look. And I detest scraping plates into the trash or into various storage containers at the end of the night. It means literally double the dishes!

So this year, with Superbowl Parties just around the corner, I'm facing the problem head on. I'm finding an answer to the mix-and-match serving bowls, the unnecessary extra containers, and even the perfect way to label it all.

My solution: Rubbermaid Storage Containers and Sharpie Markers.

Here's how it's all going to work.

First, I head to Target. Why Target? Because Target is my happy place where I buy ALL THE THINGS. Also? I have a one-two punch saving system there that I can't beat other places. Every time I go shopping, I first check Cartwheel, Target's coupon app. Most of the time, I can find anywhere from 5%-20% savings on many of the things I am buying. For today's trip, I was able to get 10% off both toilet paper and trash bags.  Score!

Next, I check my Target Coupon Text. Did you know about these? You can text COUPONS to TARGET on your phone and you'll get a special link to several coupons sent right to your phone. I get the text every few weeks. Some weeks it'll be 25% off clothing or BOGO food items. It's all on one scan code that the cashier can easily scan right from your phone, and it automatically takes the discount off your bill. Lucky for me, this week (through February 8) if you start getting the Target Coupon Texts you can get $1 off both Rubbermaid Storage Containers AND Sharpie Markers. 


So, I browsed the wide variety of Rubbermaid storage containers, and decided that a few Value Packs were the perfect size for party serving (although I may invest in some of the larger collections down the road. I love the big bowls for chips and pretzels!). All Rubbermaid Storage Containers are clear with red lids, so I now have all of my serveware matching.

Next, I strolled down to the office supplies and picked up a 4-pack of Sharpie Markers. I chose the 4 color variety, just so my guests and I could shake things up a bit.

Last, I went to the checkout. Here, I showed them both my Cartwheel app (for the toilet paper and trash bags - both important necessities for a Superbowl party), then clicked on my Target Coupon Text. The cashier scanned both codes and I was on my way, saving several dollars on my purchase. SCORE!

Not only are my Rubbermaid containers matching, but they are able to be labeled. Have you ever gone to a party where there were several dips being served and you had no idea what they were? Is it Artichoke Dip? Hummus? Only to find that one was seafood-based which totally grossed you out? Hosts can write directly on the storage containers with Sharpie Markers so guests know exactly what they are eating. Food Guessing Games do not need to be the entertainment at your party. If you aren't ready to commit that storage container to a food destiny, you can also use stick-on labels.

Don't they look nice?

Even better: At the end of the night, you don't have to scrape the food remains into another container, because you can just pop a red lid right onto the Rubbermaid Storage Containers and throw them right in the fridge. You've halved your usual Party Mess!

Sharpie Markers are also a great way to personalize your drinking cup at a party. Because there is nothing, I repeat NOTHING, worse than finding someone has been accidentally drinking out of your cup. Guests at my Superbowl Party can customize and decorate their cups however they see fit with the Sharpie Markers I'll keep by the cups. 

I got fancy on one side of my cup.

I'm sorry, but I mustache you a few questions..

Then got serious on the other.


Together, Rubbermaid and Sharpie Markers are the perfect party duo!

If you want to get on the Rubbermaid and Sharpie Marker Party Train? Text the word COUPONS to TARGET to get your coupons. These deals run from January 25- February 8. The coupons are $1 off any Rubbermaid food storage and $1 off Sharpie 4 pack or larger.

Have a SUPER party!

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