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October 17, 2013

Getting Dinner With {Review}

I love cooking.

I spend time every week perusing recipes, planning which meals I'll make, and going to the grocery store to get the ingredients. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I successfully tasty meal.

But some days?

Some days the last thing I want to do is whip up a successfully tasty meal. The thought of peeling, chopping, sauteeing or baking is the last thing on my mind. And knowing there would be dishes to clean afterwards? 


Because some days I am just that: lazy, spent from a week of parenting, working and life.  I don't want to cook, nor do I want to leave the house and get in my car and drive some where.

That involves wearing something other than yoga pants, amiright?

Some days, I lazily peruse the menu of a local restaurant, lamenting the fact that they don't have delivery.  I look over the dishes offered, thinking, "I wish someone would bring me that."

Bring Me That.


I was introduced to the fantastic service of a few weeks ago. They asked me to give it a "test run" and they barely got the words out before I said GLADLY. 

So...what is BringMeThat

It is an online food delivery service that is new to Pennsylvania.  Essentially, they are the middle man between YOU and THE RESTAURANT. They have an easy to use website that compiles the data of all the participating restaurants, which allows users to browse menus and compare prices and fees. You can then place your order right there.  While there are other companies offering a similar service, they stay mainly to the Big Cities. BringMeThat is aiming to connect with as many suburbs and towns as possible!

I love that BringMeThat was easy to use. Since it is so new, only a small handful of restaurants were available in my area. I anticipate more restaurants will come on board, as other areas where BringMeThat has been established for longer had a large array of options. I think this is service is especially beneficial for restaurants that don't already have a delivery option, making them more accessible to the community!

What to know: There are small fees added in to the total cost (usually a few dollars - the ones I looked at were $2 or $3). This is determined by the restaurant. Some may not want to pay this. The trade off, though, is you never have to leave the comfort of your home for food!  Some menus were incomplete, but I also attribute this to how new the service is to the area.

All in all, I was delighted by this new service. On days where my energy is already sapped or a wrench is thrown in my day and I'm stuck for dinner, I will definitely be utilizing BringMeThat!

Check out
Is your area covered? 

I'd love to hear what restaurants you'll try through the service!

PS - if you like them on Facebook, you'll get $5 your first order. HOLLA!

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