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August 29, 2013

Steph's Fall Fashion Wish List #FashionFriday

Something about the end of Summer makes me want to go shopping.

That's not weird, right?

I think it goes back to being a student and having my parents take me back-to-school shopping. There was something thrilling about new, crisp clothes.  It was like a metaphor of the upcoming school year: new, clean, a blank slate. I could do away with the old, usher in the new. Each year, I had the opportunity to recreate myself. I had a chance to make a statement with my fashion.

Or, rather, lack there of.

I was fortunate enough last year to get some great fashion advice from a few of my favorite (and ever fashion-savvy) bloggers. Did you miss this? Then please, stop everything you are doing and read over the Fall Fashion 2012 series. 

If you did, you know I got schooled in the way of skinny jeans, patterns, colors and accessories. I truly used this knowledge to take a critical eye to my wardrobe. With a bit of donating here, a bit of frugal shopping there, I've slowly renovated my closet. I'm understanding my style and embracing it. What works for some people doesn't work for me and vice versa. If it's not you, it won't wear right.

I've taken to researching fashion, too. I'm not at runway shows or anything. Rather, I'm taking note of fashion that resounds with me. Seeing a pin on pinterest or in a magazine and thinking, "Hey. I like that. How can I recreate that myself?" I try things out, and work to understand what does (and does not) look good on my body.



While I have added to my wardrobe (again, slowly and frugally), I still have some work to do. I'd like to spice it up a bit, and with back-to-school beckoning me to shop, I figure this is the perfect time to write my list! I've been keeping a meticulous My Style Pinterest Board, so I can organize my thoughts. After careful consideration, this is my current list.

1. Anything MUSTARD. I just love the color. Maybe a dress. Maybe a scarf. Maybe a shirt. But something to accent because I love the way this shade of yellow POPS.

2. Scarves. It's, like, the perfect fashion accessory, no?

3. Wide-Leg Jeans. I know, skinny is so in. But I dig some of the things I've seen on Pinterest, and wide leg pants just seem so cozy.

4. Plaid Button-Down Shirt. I've always liked the outdoors. But, really, I could live in a good plaid flannel shirt.

5.Polka Dot Blouse. Paired with a black blazer and a mustard scarf? HEAVEN.

6. Short-Sleeved Dress or Tunic. I love how I am seeing simple dresses and tunics paired with leggings or even skinny jeans for a very sweet layering effect. I'd like to try it out myself.

For the visual in the crowd:

Polka Dots and Mustard

Flannel Cozy

Comfy Layering

Now I want you to inspire me. 

What's on YOUR Fall Fashion 2013 Wishlist? 

Today I'm linking up with Fashion Friday. Check out all the posts for more Fall Fashion inspiration!

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