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July 11, 2013

How Not to Rent an Apartment on Craigslist

For the first part of our marriage, Hubby and I were renters.

Most young couples start out this way. Let a landlord deal with the hassle while you save money for a down payment.  Due to various circumstances, we were required to move a bit.

Okay. Like. A lot.

In the first 2 years of marriage, Hubby and I had something like 10 addresses. Our lease would be up or a job would require us to change locations. We'd send out the "Call for Moving Help" emails, much to the chagrin of our friends. I could hear them rolling their eyes over the internet with the utterance of "Seriously, guys? Not again." I'm pretty sure everyone did a Happy Dance when we finally purchased our first home and knew we'd be staying put for a while.

Fast-forward 3 years: Up until this past Monday, our home was for sale. After 3 months of fledgling showings, we decided now is not the right time to move. Our plan, though, was to sell our house and rent. You see, where we intended to move was a bit pricier. We would need a little bit of time to buffer our savings for a better down payment. We were down with the idea of renting (who wouldn't enjoy a small reprieve of being responsible for everything that could go wrong with a house?!). Our plan was to rent for a year or two then buy the home we really wanted.

So I spent a little time each day checking in on the "housing for rent" section of Craigslist.

Which is quite entertaining, let me tell you.

Part of me wonders if people aren't actually trying to rent their properties; rather, there is some sort of secret contest for the Worst and Weirdest Listing Titles on Craigslist that the rest of us don't know about.

Here are a few of the gems I found:


Good grammir is the kewlest.

 I'm always looking for a "dig" with plenty of "o space"

 When in doubt, #PutAHashtagOnIt

 What about the rest of my house (and family)?

Aren't YOU supposed to be answering all of MY questions?

Apartments are bringing sexy back. And A$$. Apparently.

I'm...not sure I need my house doing that for me?

And, at last, my absolute favorite:

Zombie free. My #1 criteria.

So potential landlords, please learn from these mistakes. Consider making the headline simple. Share how many bedrooms the apartment has, the square footage, the town.  Easy adjectives like "Bright" or "Spacious"are totally acceptable. Post the listing with good pictures. 

And let the apartment's sexiness speak for itself.

What are some of the strangest ads you've seen on Craigslist?

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