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June 6, 2013

Getting My Craft On With A.C. Moore #ACMooreGNO

Craftiness is not my forte.

I shared this recently during my review of Wummelbox. It's not that I don't enjoy crafts. I just struggle to be creative enough to come up with craft ideas. And even when I can find ideas on Pinterest, I sometimes lack the skill to complete a craft in a timely or tidy manner.

So when I was invited to a blogger Craft GNO at my local A.C. Moore, I was thrilled and frightened and pretty sure I'd mess it all up. I was going with some very crafty bloggy friends of mine, and I was pretty sure I'd be the bottom of the Craft Totem Pole for the night.

Luckily I have my good looks and witty sense of humor, no?

Well, I was blown away by my time at A.C. Moore. Blown away. Why? Because A.C. Moore is so stinkin' crafty, that when they guide you through crafts you can't mess it up. They have a newly redesigned website with step-by-step guides to crafts like the Paper Patchwork Composition Book and the Rustic Romantic Quilled Flower Wreath (which we, in fact, made during our #ACMooreGNO. AND I SURVIVED).

A.C.Moore makes me feel a little like this:

Except replace "Beautiful" with "Crafty."

True story.

So want to see the crafts we made?

Friends, meet
Rustic Romantic Quilled Wreath
Paper Patchwork Composition Book

The flowers. ::swoon::

Those were the examples. I'm not that good. Here are my half-made creations:

I just have to add my bedazzled initial sticker. 

I looooooved all the cute pieces of paper!

One of my quilled flowers.

Our guide for the night was Robin Beam, who is the Director or Education. For, like, ALL OF A.C. Moore. "Guide" is not strong enough of a word. Sherpa, perhaps. Because Robin? Robin is the Craft Master. I'm pretty sure she bleeds glitter glue. SHE IS AMAZING.

So apart from making great crafts, I learned a lot of important crafty terminology that I didn't know existed. Have you ever heard of:



Scoring Boards?

Yeah, me neither.

But now I do. And I'm hooked.

Quilling is AWESOME. You use this little tool and take scrap pieces of paper and turn them into flowers. WHAT?!

Scrap paper.

BOOM. Flower.

I also learned a bunch about adhesives. Beacon Adhesives was kind enough to come out and share with us all their products.  

Steph Fact: You can glue anything.

Like, there are adhesives for  ev. ery. thing. Fabric? There's an adhesive for that. Semi-porous surface? There's an adhesives for that. Decoupage? There's any adhesive for that.

Yeah. We make things stick together.

Now that school is out, I plan on finishing the two projects I started that night. But I am also excited, because A.C. Moore has Summer Fun Wednesdays every Wednesday from 1-3pm for kids ages 4-12. These are free craft sessions!   Check it out:

If you've ever doubted your craftiness, I highly encourage you to check out the Project Ideas from A.C. Moore, and get your kids crafting at Summer Fun Wednesdays!  

Who wants to have a craft night with me?

I'd love to hear from you:

What crafts would YOU pick to do for a Crafty GNO?
If you could buy one thing from A.C. Moore, what would it be?
What are your favorite crafts? 

Leave a comment!  And let's get crafty!

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