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April 4, 2013

HelloFresh Delivery Subscription {REVIEW}

It’s important to me to have homemade meals on the table each week. Notice I didn’t say each night. That’d be crazy talk. With the pace of life moving ever faster, ever busier, I just can’t make a from-scratch meal on a daily basis. PUH-LESE. Do you know what homemade meals require? Let’s break it down:

  • Finding a recipe
  • Making a grocery list of ingredients
  • Going to grocery store, possibly with 2 children
  • Navigating the grocery store while fending off the crazed beasts that are your kids who may be freaking out, crying, whining, begging for food, stealing items off the shelves, and avoiding stares from curious (scared?) onlookers
  • Unloading the groceries
  • Prepping the meal, which may include (but is not limited to): measuring, peeling, chopping, slicing, dicing and marinating
  • Cooking the meal

When you break it down that way, it seems almost insurmountable, no?

Despite the intimidating amount of work homemade meals may be, it is important to me that I make meals for my family a few times a week. Sure, we grab dinner out once in a while or throw something together at the last minute (ie: pancakes and cereal for supper). But being able to create a meal that is healthy and made from fresh ingredients gives me a comfort that we’re eating healthy and eating together as a family. So what do you do when life is too busy to do all that a homemade meal entails?

Sign up for a
HelloFresh subscription.

I had the chance to learn more about HelloFresh recently, and I was duly impressed with this new service. How does HelloFresh work?  You sign up for the subscription service, and HelloFresh sends you a weeks worth of meals. In a box. RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR.  When you open the box, you’ll find 3 recipe cards and all the ingredients required (some of which are already prepped - meaning cleaned, chopped, etc).  

That’s right: they do the recipe curation, shopping and some of the prep for you.

*Cue angels singing and trumpets...trumpeting*

Or, whatever it is trumpets do.

I know there are many services out there that allow you to come to a location, prepare a bunch of meals for the freezer, and take them home. This is fantastic, assuming you have the 1) time to go to location to do prep, 2) have freezer space and 3) remember in advance to thaw said frozen meals.

3 things I wish I had but, alas, do not.

Now, with HelloFresh, customers have the ability to simply open a box filled with recipes and fresh food. No scouring the internet or cookbooks for recipes. No braving the grocery store. No remembering to defrost meals. The only requirement? 30 minutes of time to cook the meal. Each recipe that is created by the HelloFresh chefs are meant to come together in 30 minutes. I can definitely spare that!

I got to try out the HelloFresh subscription service for a week so I could tell you (in a knowledgable fashion) about the experience.  After signing up, I was sent an email confirming that my box would arrive on Wednesday between 1pm and 8pm. Perfect - I could be home for that window!

Next, the box arrived.

Hello, new friend. 

We opened it.

And the glory of fresh food poured out.

Glory, glory, fresh food.

Hubby and I drooled over the 3 recipe cards included, and decided when we would make the meals. We set aside one meal for my in-laws to try, and scheduled the rest. We put away the food and looked forward to our first HelloFresh meal!

Dost my eyes see the words "goat cheese?"
Why yes, yes they do.

5 steps? Easy Peasy 1-2-3sy.
Er. 5sy.

Hubby, in-laws and I agree: it was awesome! We loved the meal we made. It was simple, tasty and came together very quickly and easily. My in-laws raved about theirs as well!

HelloFresh subscriptions come in “Classic” (including poultry, meat and fish) starting at $69/week and “Veggie” (no meat) starting at $59/week.

For more information, you can visit their FAQ page.
I believe this is a fantastic opportunity for busy families/couples/individuals to eat healthy and homemade!

What about HelloFresh Box Subsciptions appeal to YOU?

Leave a comment - I’d love your thoughts!

Disclosure: I was provided 1 week of meals from HelloFresh so I could conduct this review. All opinions are, as always, my own. I like to keep it real, y’all!

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