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April 10, 2013

Best Baby Shower Gifts

This year I find myself helping with the preparations for yet another baby shower!  Last year it was my middle sister Melissa who is now the proud momma of my adorable nephew.  Just a year later, and we are now celebrating my youngest sister, Jessica! She'll be the new mommy of a baby girl this June. So many babies!

When I was pregnant with chica, I knew NOTHING about babies. I had only a small handful of friends who had babies (and by "small handful" I mean "one"), so I registered for what I was told to register for.  I had no idea what was important and necessary, what was fluff and superfluous.

Last year I shared all of my best Baby Shower Tips and Ideas after Melissa's shower. I covered decorating, food, and shower games. Often when I am invited to a shower, I gift a "What You Didn't Know You Needed" Pail. Generally, it's a cheap diaper pail or basket that I fill with all the items first-time moms don't realize they need....until they REALLY need it: Tylenol, Motrin, gas drops, Destin, pacifiers, pacifier clips, burp cloths, baby wash, etc. It's the little things that you need on a regular basis, but often don't think to register for.

To give you an idea of some of the fun items to throw into the pail, I made a quick SunnyBump collection (if you haven't checked it out, SunnyBump is like Pinterest for parents. I LOVE IT):

Baby Shower: "You Didn't Know You Need It" Pail by stephmarieanderson

Baby Shower:
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But let's face it: What moms really NEED is the "Big Stuff." It's why they register. This is the stuff that comes to play in a big way: strollers, car seats, monitors. Helping soon-to-be parents to collect these items (so they don't have to go to debt by purchasing it all themselves) is a super great way to celebrate the new baby.

What products are the "Must Have" on a baby registry? Here are a few of my top Baby Registry items:

Best Baby Shower Gifts by stephmarieanderson

Best Baby Shower Gifts
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What are your favorite gifts to give at showers? What are/were your must-have registry items for new moms?

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. 
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