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March 24, 2013

Shake It Up {Motivation Monday}

We all hit ruts from time to time.

You know. Those times when you hit a wall in some area of your life. Maybe it's your job, your friendships, your marriage, your eating habits. In life we so easily go into Auto Pilot, falling into a routine of doing the same thing over and over. It's not intentional. It's what we do naturally to keep things flowing.

But sometimes flowing gets boring. And we need to spice things up.

I hit ruts all the time. In the Winter I hit the "I'm tired of cold and grey and snow" rut, and I long for Spring. Even though I try to keep things interesting, I hit meal planning ruts. I'll end up making the same meals over and over until I'm bored of them and find myself are completely uninspired. Or, as I shared recently, I hit hair ruts. My hair finally gets to a place where it is manageable and I don't hate it. So I just let it grow and don't do much with it so I don't shake the boat, and then one day I wake up and suddenly I just feel BLAH about my hair.

Do you ever wake up and just feel BLAH about some things?

I've recently decided that the next time I hit a rut, I will take Florence's advice:

Florence and her Machine know what's up.




Or, rather, shake it up.

You need to stop the flowing monotony in it's tracks and break through that wall of a rut. How does one shake it up or shake it out?

Try something new!

Are you in a meal planning rut? Take to Pinterest! They have so many stinkin' recipes on there you couldn't be uninspired if you tried. Take a cooking class. Buy a new cookbook. Make an open call on Facebook for everyone's favorite recipes. And try something new.

I've been in a rut with my hair. I'm kind of at an impasse: I haven't decided just what to do with my hair, so I don't make an appointment at the salon. But not doing something with my hair is making me hate it as t just continues to grow, grow, grow and hang, hang, hang.

So you know what I did, right?


The other day I simply parted it on the opposite side. 

Ground-breaking, right?  

I don't know why that small little change has made a difference, but for some reason it helped me break through the wall. It let me enjoy my hair a little more. And it gave me permission to dream about new and different hairstyles. 

Get out of the doldrums, friends!  Shake it up, try something new and inspire yourself!

So what about you?

What ruts are you facing right now?

And how can you shake it up?


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