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January 3, 2013

2013: The Year of Steph

Ok. Not really.

And I'm not really one of those "Make a New Year's Resolution" kind of gals. But I do find something motivating and invigorating when a new year begins. It's a fresh page, a blank canvas. I feel like I have a small chance to take charge of the story. So while I don't really make resolutions, I do compile a list of all the things I'd like to do or focus on this year. A Bucket List for 2013, of sorts.

Here is my list so far:

Continue on the Journey to Healthified

I know. "Being more healthy" is so New Years cliche. But I feel like I made great strides last year (no pun intended) in eating better and running regularly. Some running injuries set me back for a few months. But I've started back to hitting the pavement again. I joined the #13in2013 challenge set forth by Jill Conyers. What does that mean? It means I will run in no less than 13 races over the next 12 months. My aim are 5k's, unless things get krunk and I move on up to 10k's or 10 Milers. You can even participate in virtual runs. 

So running. And eating well. Let's do it.

Pick up my crochet hooks again. 

I used to crochet a LOT when Chica was little. Nothing amazing (I am self-taught and generally made things that are rectangles or hats), but it was calming. And there is something satisfying about ending with a fun little product for the work you put into it.

Decision Making

We've got some big decisions to make over the next year. Chica starts kindergarten next school year (be still, my heart!), so we will have to decide if we'll stay in our town another year or move back to where we used to live. While it's not really a thing I'd "like to do," this decision is something I need to focus on. We've made a lot of decisions, both good and bad, over the past 4 years. So we want to make sure from here on out our decisions are made calmly and with much thought.

Become Besties with my Sewing Machine

A few years ago, Hubby bought me a very user-friendly perfect-for-beginners sewing machine. I didn't touch it the first year because I was so intimidated by it. Over time, I've attempted small projects here and there. 2 years ago, I successfully made Hubby, Chica and I flannel PJ pants to wear Christmas Eve. I've also made various curtains and pillowcase covers. Yesterday I attempted my first Refashionista-esque project: taking an inexpensive shirt I found at Plato's Closet (that was too big for me but OH SO CUTE) and trimming it down to my size. I've found so many apparently "easy" sewing projects on Pinterest I'd like to attempt. And seriously, what Mom wouldn't love to say, "Yep! I made that cute little dress my daughter is wearing. Fear me."  I most likely won't be winning any fashion awards, and after yesterday's endeavor I realize just how little I know about sewing clothing. So I'm going to do research, maybe take a class (who wants to join me?!), and get my sew on!

Appreciate Hubby

Hubby and I have had a crazy 6 years of marriage. We got married, found out we were pregnant before we even finished our first year, worked at various jobs, moved a gazillion times, bought a house, had another baby, and other various and sundry life things. We are a great team. We function well together, we get the job of parenting and homeowning done. But we could use some relationship focus. We've spent a lot of time outward focused: on the kids, on the home, on jobs. We've spent not nearly enough time Us Focused. I'm going to make a point of having regular date nights (I'm aiming for once a month. Twice a month is a total bonus). I'd like to have one day a week where we power down the electronic devices after the kids go to bed and have an at-home date night: we'll do dinner after they go to bed, talk, play a game, watch a movie. And I'm going to work on a project where I have the opportunity to record daily the things I love and appreciate about him (more on this to come. Hubby doesn't really read the ol' blog. But in case he made a resolution to read it more, I'm going to keep the project quiet).

What about you?

What things do you want to do, to focus on, in 2013?

Leave a comment because I'd love to hear from you!

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