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December 19, 2012

What to Tip/Gift your Babysitter or Nanny For the Holidays

Remember last week when I threw out the question on the CSHM Facebook Page about how much to pay babysitters?  It was so interesting (and very helpful!) to hear the range of pay and what influences the amount parents give per hour.

Well, now it's the holidays. And these wonderful babysitters and nannies have been taking care of our babies in our stead. They are important and deserve a little love! 

How do you treat your babysitter or nanny during the holidays?  Do you give a tip or bonus? A special gift?

Luckily, the people at Urbansitter.com have us covered (whew!)  Here is a FANTASTIC infographic on navigating how to tip and gift the people who care for our kids:

(click image to enlarge)

Some key points to take note of:

3 out of 4 parents surveyed give their babysitter gifts or a year end bonus for Christmas.

- 97% of parents surveyed give their nanny a Christmas bonus or gift. The most popular
 holiday gift for nannies is a Christmas bonus of one week’s pay.

- Need some ideas on what to give? Popular nanny gifts and babysitter gifts include: gift cards to a favorite retailer or restaurant, spa items or as gift card for spa services, scarves, other handmade items, a framed photo of the kids, candles, gourmet foods such as baked goods or chocolates and fine teas.

- Are you an urbanite? If so, be ready to shell out a bit! If you live in San Francisco, the average parent gives over $75 to the babysitter for Christmas. 
New Yorkers are likely to give the babysitter a year end bonus of over $100!

So what do you think? 

Is this spot on? 

How do YOU tip/gift your babysitters and nannies at the end of the year?

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