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November 5, 2012

Ladies, All the Ladies

I hate politics.

And right now, politics are particularly perplexing. We turn on our TV's or open our laptops and it's all, "Vote for this guy! Don't vote for this guy - he stinks! Blah Blah lie lie budgets wars auto industry." We are harassed by our news feeds, emails, phone lines and radio waves. Online debates deteriorate into grade school nyah nanny boo boo name calling games. And I am seeing friendships (online and in real life) ruined because of political misalignments.

In spite of it all, there is something important I need to ask of you today. And if there is anything you take away form this post, please soak in this one word:


In spite of it all.

Or, rather, because of it all.

I know, I know. Voting is all wrapped up in the very politics we despite. But friends, I'm imploring you today: despite the crappy game of politics our government has turned our country into, it's important to vote.  

I know you've already started making a mental list of all the reasons not to vote: it's a pain to go (especially with kids), I don't like either candidate, the guy at the polls is a total creeper, I don't actually know where my polling place is my, and vote doesn't really count.

Hey, I get it.


Hear me say this:

You count.  

Your voice matters.

You and me, we may not agree on who should run this country. Sadly, I feel like it comes down to picking between the lesser of the two evils. But beyond the candidates, you have this very special right to make your voice heard

This is important to you, girlfriends. 

Because it wasn't that long ago that we were nothing more than property, bought and sold by men. We didn't have a right to vote. We didn't have much rights outside of cooking and cleaning. Now I'm not going to go all feminist on you. But there was a time we couldn't vote. That our voices didn't matter.

But they do now.

It took a long line of brave and dedicated women to earn this right for us. A right to walk up to a designated polling place and say, "This is what I think. It's important. Me filling in these bubbles? It counts. So hear me out."

I'm not here to tell you who to vote for. I don't really care who you choose. I don't care if you vote Republican, Democrat, Green or Whig. I don't care if you vote straight ticket or painstakingly consider each candidate. Heck, go right ahead and opt to fill in Mickey Mouse for president. 

Just go and do it.

What matters here?

Is that You. Vote.

You've earned it, sister.

If you'll be voting tomorrow, leave a comment. 
Don't tell me who you are voting for. 
Just let me know that you are voting. 
And if you care to share, tell me why.

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