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September 11, 2012

Gutzy Gear Back-to-School Party!

It is kind of fun having a kid who is now in school. It brings back a flood of memories for me: the anxious anticipation of that Big First Day, wanting to make sure the outfit is just right, finding the perfect lunchbox and backpack, and hoping that your friends have the same teacher as you.

Chica is in her second year of preschool, and many of her friends are either starting preschool this year or ::gulp:: entering the Big Ranks of Kindergarten!  

Since Back-to-School is only a few weeks away, I was delighted to host a Gutzy Gear Party with some of our closest friends.

Gutzy Gear makes these super cute velcro straps that velcro around a child's backpack straps. The front is also velcro, and Gutzy Gear makes a wide array of badges called "Gutzies" that kids can pick out and velcro on to accentuate their straps.

Our Gutzy-Chic model, Chica, gives us a visual:
A Gutzied Backpack, ready for the first day of school.

Check out the fun Gutzies Chica chose to decorate with!

It's So. Stinking. Fun.

The day of our Gutzy Gear Party, Chica and I got everything ready.

Healthy snacks for our guests

A fun salad for the adults!

Chica stacked the Gutzy Gear straps just so.

So many Gutzies!

Perfect display!

We're ready to play!
Our guests arrive! Working on playing Bingo with our
Preschoolers :)

The kiddos were ENTHRALLED with the Straps and the Gutzies!

The Gutzy Gear helped these kids, some of which are entering their first year of school ever, really really excited for school to start. I appreciated that it eased the "unknown" and fear associated with school and gave them something to look forward to.

Moreover, I love any chance a child gets to express their our creativity and style. It's neat that while every Gutzy Gear strap looks the same, there are so many Gutzies to choose from. Kids can express themselves with the Gutzies they so choose, and change it up as they grow and change.

And let's be honest: Gutzy Gear makes backpacks look good!

You can find shop all things Gutzy Gear on their website. Be sure to like them on Facebook for all the latest Gutzy Gear news!

Thanks again to Gutzy Gear for the chance to host a party - we're really looking forward to the Big First Day of the 2012/2013 school year!

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