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May 10, 2012

War on Marriage: I'm in the Battle

The moment you are married, you are entered into battle.  Every day is a fight to keep your marriage healthy, solid and strong.  We make the choice to love our spouse on a daily basis, even when our feelings want to do everything but.  In a world where there are an infinite amount of distractions and temptations warring against you, it truly is a fight to stand strong. A battle worth fighting.

In life, there are many battles worth fighting. Fighting FOR marriage is a battle always worth fighting.

So when there is heated controversy about who can marry who in a country claiming to be The Land of the Free, I have to scratch my head. 

Here's the thing: Gay people? They exist.

Gasp. Shock. 

Here's the other thing: So do straight people.

And there are people who think that homosexuality is wrong. There are others who fight to make it seen as right. But with the battle lines that are being drawn right now, I'm going to make a strong statement:

What you believe about homosexuality does not matter in terms of whether or not homosexuals should or should not be allowed to marry.

Because whether you are gay or straight or black or white or purple, you are a HUMAN.  And if you are reading this in the confines of the United States of America, you are a US Citizen.  And in our country?  We have a Constitution.  And somewhere along the lines of forming ourselves into a nation and present day, we made the clear boundary of separating church and state.

That means there is a "distance in the relationship between organized religion and the nation state." 

So we are entitled, as humans, to our opinions and beliefs. And I believe and have opinions on many things. I think that Community is a great show and ought not be cancelled. It is my opinion that Macs are better than PCs.   I believe that seafood is an absolutely disgusting and offensive food choice. 

But guess what? 

It would be wrong of me to ban all seafood just because I think it's gross and tastes bad. 

You are saying, "But Steph! That's totally different! Those are everyday normal things! I believe that God says homosexuality is WRONG! It's in the BIBLE."

I agree. It is in the bible. But, according to our very constitution, does the bible have any place in the laws we make regarding our US citizens?

I think not.

Which goes back to the fact that while seafood and homosexuality are two very different things, neither should be legislated upon simple due to strong or religious convictions.

I also find it quite hypocritical when people sound off about traditional marriage all the while not addressing the plank in their own eye. Rush Limbaugh, in his talk show this week, proclaimed that President Obama is leading a "war on traditional marriage."

Mr. Limbaugh, please do not condescend to me about the sanctity of marriage when you yourself have been divorced four times. I am not judging that. But I also do not think you are in a place to judge others on their marriages either.

I am not here to wage a debate on whether or not homosexuality is wrong. And I'm not here to judge people on their heterosexual marriages (or divorces).

I'm saying that if two United States Citizens of sound minds love each other and want to get married (and be recognized as a married couple by our Nation), then they should be allowed to.


End. Of. Story.


  1. Great post Steph! I agree with everything you said and couldn't have said it better myself!

  2. I strongly agree with your statements on marriage. I strongly disagree with your comments about PCs. But you know what? The longer I live, the more I realize that the biggest battle to fight every day is the fight against hypocrisy. As a scientist, I strive for objectivity every day, and it's something, apparently, that is very against human nature. But it's always worth fighting for.


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