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February 10, 2012

Blogger Spotlight: Debi9Kids

Happy Friday!  I have some fun Valentine's Day ideas I will be posting about later today, but I first wanted to share another great Blogger Spotlight with you.

One of the reasons we love bloggers is that we get to hear their story. Debi9Kids has an amazing life story - first, in how she came to be the mother of nine (YES NINE!) kids, as well as the journey through infidelity in her marriage.  Courage, strength and hope are the common threads woven within Debi's blog.  
It speaks to all those who have faced difficulty in our lives and risen above the ashes in victory.

Thanks, Debi, for sharing with us today!


Debi9kids (this is my "internet" name :)

Central Pennsylvania, in the middle on no where

9 kids, 3 girls & 6 boys
David- 18, Stephanie- 17, Gabi- 17, Alex- 14, Teddy- 13, Henry- 12, Keith- 10, Emma & Will- 5

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
Chocolate although it really depends on my mood. (I'd much prefer ice cream with toppings)

Favorite BAD band (boy bands, one hit wonder, etc)
This stumped me. I've never really listened to "boy bands" and any bad bands I listened to when I was younger, I can't stand now. Maybe The Hooters ???

Best place you've ever vacationed :
Teepee camping in the Grand Canyon (although our entire cross country trip was 

How long have you been blogging?
Since 2006

Why did you choose your blog's name/theme?
My blog is called Who Says 8 is Enough because 8 wasn't enough, so we had nine :)

Why did you start blogging?
I started because I was on bedrest while pregnant with my twins and wanted to document it as well as later wanted to share photos and stories with family and friends.

What are you 3 favorite blog posts?


I always say this, but I truly believe we have so much we can learn from one another. Even more so, sharing our stories help us to connect with others who need encouragement and support in the same areas.   I hope the more you get to know these bloggers through the Spotlight series, you'll find encouragement and support in ways you never knew you needed.

To "meet" all the Bloggers that have been Spotlighted so far, CLICK HERE.

Check back today for some fun Valentine's Day treats!

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