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January 17, 2012

NEW Menu Calendar

I've been inspired by some of my favorite bloggers to create a Menu Calendar.  Nothing complicated, just the idea of planning ahead - way ahead - so that you are:

1) Not caught off guard wondering, "What should we eat tonight?"

2) Not caught without supplies, because you know in advance what meals you are having, and therefore can create the proper grocery list

3) Free from the Dinner Rut.  Too often we resort to the "same old thing" when we don't know what to make for dinner (due to poor planning - see #1).  When you eat the same 3-5 things over and over and over and over and over again, it gets old. 

4) Saving yourself money!  That's right.  Since you can see far into the future, you can buy things on when they go on sale ahead of time.  Planning ahead also keeps you from overspending on same day grocery trips (which you go into unprepared, and leave with more than you bargained for).  And lastly, it keeps you from resorting to eating out and spending unnecessary dollars on an overpriced meal!

I need this calendar to hold me accountable to smart spending, creative planning and adventurous cooking.  I also figured why not share it with you, so we can all be encouraged and inspired?

Here's how it works:

  • Click on a day.
  • The recipe for that day is listed (and, if applicable, linked to if it's from the blog or internet), as well as side dish options (or wine selections).  We'll just assume dessert is also happening :)

Here's what I need from YOU:

Feedback.  Let me know how recipes turn out for you.  Let me know if a link doesn't work.  Let me know if there is a better side dish.  Let me know. Let me know. Let me know.

Inspire me.  We want to AVOID the Dinner Rut.  So if you have a great recipe (yours, or from another source), send it my way!  I love trying new recipes, and love sharing them here.  Share it with the rest of the community!

Challenge me to keep up with it.  If you see I'm slacking, call me out.  Seriously.

Use it.  Whether you use mine or create you own, let me know.  Commit to smart spending, creative planning and adventurous cooking. With me. it's always good to have (an) accountability partner(s).

Happy (and smart and creative and adventurous) 
cooking, planning and spending!

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