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November 18, 2011

You Know You Go To The Mall Too Much When....

Every morning, Bitty Bug (who regrettably gets up earlier than her sister most mornings ::sigh::) and I go together to greet Little Chica in bed when she wakes up.  We usually spend some time playing in her bed, looking at books or playing with stuffed animals (depending on how quickly we need to be out the door, since we need a buffer of, oh, 3 hours to get places on time nowadays).

This particular morning, Little Chica wanted to read (note: she's 3 and a half, so when I say read, let's all agree that I mean tell a story that may or may not coordinate with the actual pictures in the book) Bitty Bug her book, NO NO YES YES.  In case you are not familiar, this literary masterpiece is a board book of pictures. When you open the book, the picture on the left side of the book is a bad thing (putting toys in the toilet, drawing on the cat, eating dog food, playing with toilet paper, etc), and has the caption NO NO!  I'm sure you've already figured out that the right hand picture is a good thing (eating bananas, drawing on paper, using the toilet for....toilet business, etc) and says YES YES!  

(Note: we were given this book when Little Chica was about a year and a half. It was then that my mother (God love her) felt it was imperative she buy it for her, as Little Chica was (in Mom's opinion) having some...difficulty...discerning between the YES YES and NO NO pages.)

We love her anyway.

Little Chica was sweetly sharing the book this morning with Bitty Bug, who was more concerned about the stuffed animals than listening.  Little Chica got to the page where the NO  NO was a little boy running away from Daddy in a parking lot, and the YES YES was the same little boy holding onto Daddy's hand. Running away from us in parking lots used to be a big problem with Little Chica, so even today, we discuss it every time we are in a parking lot (we are nothing if not thorough).  

Then the following conversation ensued:

Little Chica: "NO NO to running away from Daddy, but we ALWAYS hold his hand!"

Me: "That's right!  Especially where?"  (Here acceptable answers would include but are not limited to: parking lots, the street, airpot runways)

Little Chica (with no hesitation): "Boscovs."

Me thinks we frequent the mall too much...

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