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November 2, 2011

Blogger Spotlight: Kelly Raudenbush

Another great local blogger spotlight for you today!  If any of you have a heart for adoptions, then this blogger is right up your ally.  I was excited to stumble across Kelly and her blog, as we've both been involved with Young Life in the past, and I knew her immediately from her maiden name.  Her blog is inspirational, as well is her non-profit and small business work: all for great causes! 


I can now officially testify that writing and editing bios for other people is ten times easier (and much more interesting) than writing a bio about myself. But, alas, I'm going to quit being virtually sheepish and just do it. I'm Kelly--though it seems like I am called "mama" way more often than Kelly. We live in Phoenixville, PA -- my husband Mark and me and our crew of 4 kids who often seem like many more. Fortunately for my anal retentive self, we managed to get a good pattern here -- boy (9), girl (7), boy (5), girl (2). We cheated a little though--our youngest was adopted from China at the age of 13 months old.

 I started blogging in 2008 when we were bunkering down for a long wait during our adoption process and I found myself enjoying passing the time stalking adoption bloggers' sites. It took me a while to really get hooked on it though--took me a while to realize I did have some blog-worthy things to say even if I had less than 10 followers. 3 years later, our daughter home now and fully entrenched in the family, a small business, another website for adoptive families, a nonprofit, and a couple hundred followers later, I have realized I have a whole lot to say.

My Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl blog is getting ready for a bit of a renovation. That title is a bit of a mouthful. Saying it, I occasionally add an extra "boy girl" which results in just a wee bit of a panic attack. So, I'm transitioning to a title that sums me up quite well -- I Overthink Everything. My blog pretty much proves that. And, my husband would confirm that as well.

Blog posts I've loved? Oh, there's so many. And, how do I decide when I overthink everything? Guess they'd probably include this one that tells the story of us accepting the referral for our daughter and deciding to move forward to bring her home. This one is simply some mommy thoughts for her first-born daughter. And, this one seems to capture my children's childhoods in simple images. What mama wouldn't love that?

 And, I have to invite you all on over for something special happening now through Christmas--something I'm calling Purposeful Giveaways. I've got some giveaways lined up--like a whole lot of giveaways scheduled. For the first week starting 10/31, there will be one everyday. After that, one giveaway every other day until Christmas. All will be highlighting someone selling something for a purpose, a cause, something worth supporting. This season, I'm thinking I want to shop with purpose -- and that doesn't require any overthinking. Come join me.


I hope you find Kelly's blog as heart-warming as I do, and can rally with her as she rally's for adoption!  I also hope you are finding new blogs to welcome into your rotation :)

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Check back for more Blogger Spotlights later this week!



  1. She is a gem of a girl : )
    Love these posts that you do. It is so kind of you to take the time to feature others.

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  3. Thanks for giving me some precious space on your blog. :) Appreciate the shout out for the giveaways too. :)

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