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July 5, 2011

Hubby's Cautionary Tale About Forgetfulness (alternative title: Why Timbuk2 is Awesomesauce)

::This is a post written by my awesome, handsome and all around good-guy Hubby.  He had a tale to tell, but does not have a blog, and wanted to know if he could use this blog as a platform. I, being the amazing wife that I am, said of course.  He might have also batted his blue eyes at me and I couldn't help but surrender over my blog to his writing. Since Hubby does not often feel compelled to do such things, I encourage you to soak in his wisdom.  Or learn from his mistakes. Whichever.  Enjoy!::


Here's the deal: life moves pretty fast, and I don't always have the freedom to "remember things" or "not make fairly obvious mistakes" or "effectively take care of my body and mind." Steph (whose blog this really is) could, if queried, provide dozens of examples of things that slip my mind: 

  • Whenever I fill the Brita pitcher, I leave it next to the sink, instead of placing it back into the fridge. (Refreshingly tepid.)
  • Whenever I throw a load of laundry in the washing machine, I forget to move it into the dryer. (Simultaneously smells good and not good.)
  • Whenever I buy new sunglasses, I permanently misplace them. (I need to buy more expensive sunglasses, because I'm tired of not caring.)
  • Whenever I pass gas, I forget to tell Steph to "watch out."  (But don't we all?)

So Saturday, when life was in the midst of moving pretty fast, it was inevitable that I would forget something.  As it happened, I was headed out the door on my way to work, and Steph was headed out the door on her way to... I forget.  See how this happens?  At any rate, I was burdened with a backpack full of necessaries for the day ahead, trying to help buckle rambunctious Little Chica into the other car.  Then, I did a good thing; I remembered my Kindle, sitting on the kitchen countertop.

I usually bring it to work everyday, and almost forgot it.  So I ran in, grabbed my Kindle, in its black and tan Timbuk2 case, and commenced with the buckling-in of my daughter. 

About half an hour later, I was presented with some down time at work, and unzipped my backpack to grab my Kindle.  And a sense of horror passed over me.  

All at once, the following rushed into my mind: No Kindle.  Where Kindle?  Oh yeah.  Left Kindle on roof of car.  Smashed on road. Pieces.  Little pieces of Kindle.  No more books that I paid for.  No more expensive (for me) Kindle.  

If you've interacted with a Kindle, you know it's small, lightweight, and plastic.  These are great qualities to look for in an "e-reading" device.  They are terrible qualities to look for in an "enduring a high speed drop onto the highway" device.

So I shrugged it off.  Lesson learned.  Don't let life move so fast you forget your Kindle on the roof of your car while buckling your Little Chica into her car seat.  

A few hours passed from my initial stomach-churning horror.  Then I got an email from confirming the purchase of a game of Solitaire for my Kindle.

And I thought: Ho-lee-crap.  Yes, my Kindle has clearly been stolen however, and more importantly...IT SURVIVED!

Here's why.  Timbuk2, a company from which I've purchased several other products, made my Kindle Sleeve out of "Ballistic Fabric."  Now, I don't know what that means.  But I know that "ballistic" usually connotes the firing of guns.  So.  Just think about that.  

I'm not sure exactly what went down on the other end of things, but my Kindle was returned to me today, and it works exactly as it did two days ago.  I'm stoked, because I can continue to read my books. And I'm also stoked, because I'm pretty sure I don't need to worry about leaning against my backpack while my Kindle is inside anymore.  

Moral of the story:  life moves pretty fast, and it's easy to mess up.  But I've learned that it's not a bad idea to take out an insurance policy against my future stupidity, and to buy an invincible (my word, not Timbuk2's) piece of protection.  


  1. Thank you for this awesome story. Happy that Timbuk2 helped you and we're sure that we'll continue doing that!

  2. Wow, that is pretty fantastic! But now I need to know, how did you get it back? Did it fall off the car in the driveway or did someone else have it?


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