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July 25, 2011


I started blogging because I was really crappy at journaling.  Girls are supposed to be journalers, right?  Well I have a huge storage bin of old journals that have about 3 pages written on.  Some start in one year and skips ahead 2 or 3 years.

Somehow, blogging seemed different.  It was accessible, with posts at my fingertips. I could blog when I felt like it, when I had down time or was watching TV.  Since my laptop was always around, I was more apt to pick it up and type.  AND, I didn’t get hand cramps from trying to handwrite my thoughts and feelings.

My inability to journal has proved true with keeping records for my kids as well.  Baby books were beyond me:  I couldn’t remember to BUY one, let alone fill it out.  It seems laborious, and was right up there with scrapbooking (another activity that seems super fun in theory, but I’m really bad at).

Then, one day, a friend of mine came up with an awesome, online answer to my Bad Mommy Journaling Woes.

My friend Carrie and her sister, Nicky, recently started an online, sharable baby book called They are two sisters who are moms (Carrie's are 4 and 1, Nicky has 2 year old twin boys). They didn't love the options they had for tracking their babies' milestones and sharing updates with family. So in the midst of motherhood and part-time jobs, they have started Chockababy (pronounced Cha-kuh-baby). Why am i telling you this? Because I think you might appreciate the features of this site and the user-friendliness for super-busy moms, like us!

Here are a few highlights:
1. Tracks your child's growth from pregnancy through preschool age. 
2. Record your child's milestones.
3. Share your child's updates with close friends and family. 
4. Enjoy a really cool ticker on every kid's page.

One of the best feature of Chockababy is their commitment to privacy - users can know that only those they invite through email will have access to their Chockababy book! The social networking aspects of Chockababy are focused on only those who you really want to see updates on your family - instead of everyone you've ever met since elementary school :) 

It’s really awesome, and if you are anything like me, having an online baby book will be more successful than a handwritten one!   I encourage you to check it out - Set up an account if you want - and if you like it - spread the word!

Please email Carrie with any questions or feedback:

You can find lots more on their site:


  1. That is so cool! I never got into journaling or scrapbooking because I hate my handwriting and I'm a terrible speller. Anything online and digital is perfect for me!!

  2. I love it because I get to see and hear about my grandsons' daily routines, outings and of course, love those pictures...

    One Happy Grandma

  3. A little too late for me, but my sister in law is pregnant, so this could be perfect for her. Thanks!

  4. @ Nikki - this is great for children of all ages! I am using it for my 3 yo AND my 6 mo!


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