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June 26, 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten

There are times in my life when I cannot help but reflect upon some of the things in my life that I had once loved, but have long since departed.  On any given day, I happen upon a memory that warms my heart to the things that have past.  

And I felt it was about time to give them proper honor. 

This post commemorates the important value they brought to the world during their short stints here on Earth.  I hope that the items listed have a special place in your life as well.  

The list includes, but is not limited to:

Five Alive

I loved this citrus drink with a passion. I don't know if it was the overly-sweet taste, the oversized milk carton it came in or that my Nana always had in stock at her house (along with Tang), but it saddens me that I can no longer find it in the juice section of my grocery store.

Pillow People

As I was a proper child of the 80's, I had a Pillow People stuffed pillow.  Not only did I own a Pillow Person, but I believe I also sported the Pillow People sheet set on my bed.  Didn't they have a TV show or made-for-TV movie or something?

Ace of Base

The music: enchanting.  The lyrics: enigmatic and haunting.  I owned the cassette tape of this very album, which I proudly bought in 6th grade from a magazine fundraiser my school was hosting. And yes. I listened to it in my Walkman.

Arrested Development

One of my few regrets in life is that I did not fall in love with this show until long after it was cancelled. At the urging of our good friends, Hubby and I decided to pop the DVD's in one night.  And I've never laughed so hard.  This is, by far, the wittiest, funniest, most hilarious piece of sitcom writing known to man. If you have never watched this series (it's only 3 series long), you have been missing out.  If you do not like it, then you are a tool.  Fox, I am not sure what you were thinking.  But I'm sure in hindsight your regrets might be:  I've made a HUGE mistake.


I had the special carrying tube, sparkly Slammer AND special playing board.  I was awesome.

Nerds Cereal

I'm quite sure this was the most unhealthy breakfast cereal ever produced.  But did I eat it? Yes. Did I love it? Yes.  Am I sorry? Not in the least.  Will I pay for it later when I develop weird growths or new disease due to the chemicals used to create this cereal? Probably.

Trapper Keepers

Were these not the most efficient organizational tools for young children EVER?  How did they go out of style?!?  I was bestowed my very first Trapper Keeper when I entered Kindergarten. You know. For all the homework you are assigned.  My cover may or may not have been a unicorn.

Hyper Color T Shirts

Pure genius:  a shirt, when touched with something of varying temperature, that would change color.  How many teenagers abused the wearing of these shirts?  I bet the guy who thought of these made thousands.


And I'm talking about the good old school T.G.I.F shows:  Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step, Boy Meets World and Perfect Strangers.  Some of the shows that ran through the rotation were lame.  But man almighty did I look forward to Friday nights as a kid.  Can we bring back an 80's/90's TGIF block? I'd start watching TV shows for 2 hours every Friday night if ABC would re-run the old lineups. Including awesome old commericals.

And lastly...

Commodore 64's

This one has a special place in my heart because when I was a kid, my Dad used to work as a night security guard for their factory in my hometown.  So, he was very loyal to Commodores. We had Commodore computers (first the 64, then the Commodore PC) until I was well into high school when we made the wise choice to switch to Macs.  My favorite part of Com's?  Having to type your own codes and commands.  And that you could play atari games. Because there was an atari port on the back of the computer.  Which is awesomesauce.

Thanks for indulging my bout of randomness and nostalgia tonight.  What are the Gone But Not Forgotten things in your life?  Do share...if there are any good ones I'll add them to the list!


  1. Wow. Your childhood was much more sugary than mine. While you were riding a Five Alive and Nerds Cereal sugar high, I was eating Kix and drinking milk. I did have a Trapper Keeper, though, and they were a wonderful invention. I think someone still makes something like it, but it costs a small fortune.

    You really should do a couple more of these. One for things not gone but still imbued with the power of nostalgia, like Yoo-Hoo. And of course things gone and you wish you could forget them, like parachute pants.

  2. Deb - seriously - I have no idea how I do not have diabetes. My parents were not good at regulating sugar. So I've had to learn what healthy eating is on my own! Haha. Oooooh - good idea about the not gone but still nostalgic post - and even better, the gone and wish you could forget them. I'll have to work something up! :)


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