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June 20, 2011

Design Updates - What's For Dinner?

OK folks!  Here's the deal...

I am working on revamping some parts of this ol' blog.  One of the newest features you can check out is the What's For Dinner? tab.  At the top of the page you'll see these fun little tabs, most of which are under construction.  The What's For Dinner? tab is up and running!  

Here, I will be posting MY weekly dinner menu plan.  I'll share what I am putting on the table Monday through Saturday each week (I don't include Sundays, as we almost always eat at my in-laws on Sundays). If I am making a homecooked meal, I will link to the recipe I am using.  But I'll honestly share the frozen pizza and take out dinners as well - so you can see how a real household eats week to week!

The menu plans will be changed on Sunday evenings and I will put up a post directing you to it.  Feel free to share your recipes/menus or link up your blog's post about your weekly menu in the comments section of the post!

Hope we can inspire each other with new and exciting meals!

Happy Eating!

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