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March 11, 2011

My Sister: Kick-butt Hottie

You may not know this, but I am the oldest of 3 girls. I have a middle sister, Melissa, and a little sister, Jessica. Melissa is also a blogger (she actually has, like, 15 blogs. Ok. Not that many. But a bunch). Jessica does not blog. Nor does she read blogs. I don't think.

I digress.

Anyway, I'm here today to brag a little big on my middle sister, Melissa. (I will spend time bragging about my little sister, Jessica, another day). Melissa has always been a lively, motivated individual. She's the kind of person you'd want to go to a party with wherein you do not know anyone. Melissa can (and WILL) talk to anyone about anything, exuding confidence and spirit. I'm a bit jealous of her self-assuredness.

Melissa dabbles in many things. If you look at her blogger profile, you'll find that she enjoys baking. She also likes being outdoors, photography, criminal justice, cats, and her cute hubby. Melissa is one of those people who can take a hobby and make it into a passion. I said she "likes" baking. Melissa turned her enjoyment of baking into a mini-business: people order things from her all the time! Melissa turned her interest in criminal justice into a career: she is a Capitol Police Officer in Washington DC. If you think it's easy to become a Capitol Police officer, think again. She had to go through a rigorous application process and then off to intense physical and educational training in Georgia for 3 months!

Yeah. She's hoss AND hot (see picture above).

Melissa has now turned her love for hiking and the outdoors into a cause: She will be hiking The Grand Teton's in August as part of a fundraiser called Summit for Someone. Read more below:


In August of 2011, I’ll be climbing The Grand Teton's, a 13,770-foot summit in the Wyoming, as part of a fundraiser called Summit For Someone. My Grand Teton's climb raises money for Big City Mountaineers, the nonprofit in Denver. BCM provides week-long backpacking and canoeing trips for at-risk urban teens in Colorado, California, the Pacific Northwest and the Boundary Waters.

Teens in BCM programs aren’t delinquents or criminals. All our participants are teens from youth agencies like College Track and The Boys & Girls Club — they just don’t have chances to get outside their neighborhoods. They were all tough kids, without many positive role models in their lives, and no one to encourage them to consider a future outside of the lives they have.

If I didn’t believe in it, I wouldn’t be asking you for donations. I appreciate whatever you feel you can give. I need to raise $3,400 to participate in the climb, and every donation will help me get there, and help a bunch of teens spend a week in the mountains next summer, and maybe alter the course of their lives.

To donate by credit or debit card, just click the “Donate” button on my fundraising page, here:

When you complete the donation process, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail that functions as a tax document, which allows you to deduct your contribution.

Thank you for your help, love and support. I hope all is well with everyone.

Please follow my adventure via blog at:



If you are even half as inspired by her heart and dedication as I am, please consider supporting her in this cause. The money is not going to HER - but to someone in need. I think this adventure is courageous and selfless. Thanks for taking time to read her story and considering how you can support her. Even if you can't give financially, stop over at her website or her blog and leave her an encouraging comment! ALL forms support can help :)

Love ya, Lissabee!


More CSHM posts to come next week - have a great weekend!

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