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June 4, 2010

No Contest

I've been having a dispute with Hubby, and need your input.

I am a product of the 80's: born in 1981. Owned a Carebear, 2 Cabbage Patch Kids and a Rainbow Brite. I know what a "Popple" is. Between the years 1983-1989, a sugary combination of Hi-C, Hawaiian Punch and Kool-Aid coursed consistently through my veins. Ghostbusters was one of my favorite movies. But there was an amazing movie (which came out the year Hubby was born), that was one of the biggest life-changing movies of the decade:

This is not up for debate; I am merely stating a fact. I'd doubt any of you would say different. Here's the deal: this movie rocks my face off. I feel a kinship with Daniel Larusso. If I could pick a life coach, it would undoubtedly be Mr. Miyagi. Who didn't cheer when Daniel-san kicked that jerk Cobra Kai in the face after sustaining a horrible bodily injury????? And while many sequels never live up to the original, Karate Kid Part II was equally stirring (The Next Karate Kid is a bit of a stretch, but we'll save that for a different post. No offense, Hilary Swank).

So you can imagine my dismay when I was recently assaulted by a commercial for this upcoming movie:

Do my eyes deceive me? "The Karate Kid?" Starring Jayden Smith and Jackie Chan? Where is Ralph Macchio? Where is Elizabeth Shue? Wax on, wax off????!?!?

Now, I harbor no resentment toward the Smith Family Acting Dynasty. I think Will, Jada and their children are amazing, talented and motivated movie stars. I love them. And of course, I can agree that Jackie Chan is nothing less than kick-butt.

But I cannot get behind this movie remake.

I dunno. It's just not the same. It's not even set in America. There are no classic cars to wax or fence posts to paint or bonzai trees to trim. And no Cobra Kai?!?

No thank you.

I figured most of us born in this era would be in agreement. Right? So you can imagine my horror when I voiced the confirmation that I'd NEVER see this movie, and Hubby replies:

"Why? It looks good."


I ran through the obvious facts as listed above, and Hubby retorts with:

"But Jackie Chan is so good. AND it's set in Asia."

What the what?!? I am pretty sure my heart stopped beating. There should be NO CONTEST between the awesome original and the crappy remake. No bias, of course.

So, I'm deciding whether or not to start speaking to my husband again in the near future. In the meantime, I need YOU to weigh in:

Do you stand by the original "The Karate Kid," or are you open to seeing the remake?

Please leave a comment below. In the meantime, I'm going to wax some cars and paint some fence posts and practice my kicks on wooden stumps on the beach. And then go win the All Valley Karate Championship.

It's how I roll.


  1. The Orginal Karate Kid all the way! I could serriously watch that movie over and over again!

  2. love love love the original, and there will be no other like it. But I am open to seeing the new one. My husband had the same feelings as you do. LOL

  3. Love the fact that you've posted this. I too belieive in original movies rather than "up to date" remakes. What's the point? Is Jayden Smith REALLY going to change any young kid's perceptions today? I doubt it.

    I do have to point out one thing though - congratulations on reaching a milestone age. When YOU start acting like your parents and scoffing remakes of music, movies and the like.


  4. Totally agree with you. The original is the best and I don't plan to see the remake. Just can't get into it.

  5. I'm with you! While I was never a huge Karate Kid fan, I'm tired of them remaking every classic movie. I know I'm going to flip out when they release the first preview for the new Footloose. Give me a can't recreate Footloose. Why are you even trying??

  6. Now you know how I felt when I asked a co-worker (your age) if she was familiar with the Pink Panther movies, and she thought I meant with STEVE MARTIN! I almost gagged! What?! Without Peter Sellers there should be no Pink Panther. Ahh, it makes the blood boil to see well loved originals slaughtered by cheap imitations.

  7. i'll see it -- i love that they're not doing a straight remake, but its a bit of a twist on the story.


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