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February 19, 2010

Update on Mommy Advice Wanted: Bad Breath Baby

Thank to everyone who responded to the recent Mommy Advice Needed post regarding Little Chica's random and disturbing halitosis.

I took almost all of your advice (and read the articles that were sent my way), and the problem seems to be resolved! Huzzah!

Here are the steps I took:

1) Brushed her teeth twice a day
2) Brushed her tongue (so many people mentioned this!)
3) Sanitized all of her pacifiers
4) Upped her liquid intake

Here are the reasons I took these steps:

1) Brushing of teeth/tongue. This is somewhat obvious - getting rid of food and bacteria that can cause bad breath and tooth decay

2) Sanitizing Pacifiers: one of the articles mentioned that if pacifiers are not properly sanitized OFTEN, they can get bacteria build up on them, and cause bad breath in babies. Ok. Here is a confession. I, like, never wash Little Chica's pacifiers. DON'T JUDGE ME. I just...forget. And, she only uses them to sleep, so it slips my mind. I promise to do better next time. Please hold me accountable. Or help me get Little Chica to give up the paci.

3) Increasing liquids. I think this one was KEY. The second article (as well as my doctor, surprisingly) mentioned (in a little more detail) that dehydration can lead to bad breath. I'm not sure of the science behind it. BUT (and I'm about to get slightly graphic here - so if you don't like talking about poop, stop reading now), Little Chica had been constipated for a few days. One time I opened up her diaper, and I was convinced that either 1) she had secretly filled her diaper with smooth rocks from the bottom of a river or 2) she was charging a meticulous rabbit rent in some twisted diaper-sharing co-op . I felt so bad that those poor little poop pebbles had come from her precious hiney. I couldn't bear the thought. When I think back on it, the bad breath started right around the same time as the constipation. So, although it took a few days (and a lot of water. And fruit. And juice - which I normally never give Little Chica), her poops became the perfect consistency once again. And, surprisingly,
her breath made a turn around. Who knew?


One happy, well-hydrated, perfect poop-making, 18-month girl with impeccable breath.

My only remaining dental complaint? I wish some toothpaste companies made toddler/children's toothpaste in minty flavors. I know that the berry/bubblegum flavors taste good. But I wonder if they at all contribute to an after-odor that is less than pleasurable?

Does anyone have a good (possibly natural?) toddler toothpaste recommendation?

Thanks again, everyone!


  1. Your descriptions are a hoot. Love ya, funny lady!

  2. Funny post! Actually, the steps you put in here were actual steps I heard from a Creek dentistwho spoke on a Hanahan Oral Care Expo. He is the most involved in fighting toddler's oral problem amongst any other state dentists. Goose Creekwas chosen for this year's venue because of the growing number of toddlers having early oral sickness.


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