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February 24, 2010

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Mickey D's,

I'd like to commend you on whatever mastermind you hired to create this commercial:

I've never had a commercial make me laugh so hard.

Or get stuck in my head. In an annoying yet romantic kind of way.

I especially appreciate the "Jay and Silent Bob"-esque characters portrayed in the advertisment. The fact that the dark-haired man eating the Filet O Fish doesn't find the eerie singing fish odd moves me. It's art. And it's funny.

This morning, it warmed my heart to see a reprisal of the spirit of this commercial in a new ad. It gives me hope that the sun will rise, the snow will melt, and the Filet O Fish will never go out of style. I'm also aware that the resurrection of this advertisement is most likely timed with the start of Lent.

To this end, I'd like to thank all you Catholics out there. Without you (and my grandmother, who actually enjoys the Filet O Fish) and your meatless Fridays, I know this ad campaign would not exist.

So, kudos, McDonalds. And carry on with your witty commercials.

And your Shamrock Shakes. I'm waiting for the perfect moment to ascend on your nearest location so I might accost this green goodness.

It's what I live for.

Even though I'm in no way Irish.

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  1. Loved this post, Steph- it made Steve and I laugh out loud. Also? He just made me a ring tone with song!


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