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February 11, 2010

To Whom It May Concern...

Dear Santa,

I've been reallllly good during the first month and a half of 2010. If you would be so kind as to give me an advance on my Christmas Booty, I'd really appreciate one of these:

Had you been more thoughtful, you might have given me one for these Christmas. I was under the impression you had psychic powers of sorts, seeing as you "see us when we are sleeping" and "know when we are awake" and can discern if we've "been bad or good"? Maybe that just makes you a creeper. Either way, you obviously didn't forsee the disasterous weather that just wrecked the east coast. I find this extremely short-sighted on your part. This present would have been super handy this Winter. (I won't even begin to comment on what a slap in the face it is that, of the 6 houses on my block, all but 1 is equipped with a snowblower. I believe you can figure out what that might be).

Oh well. I forgive you.

I cannot, though, speak for my aching back.

My shipping address has not changed since December. I look forward to receiving your delivery.

Sincerely Yours,

PS - I'm losing my confidence in you, Mr. Claus. Give me reason to believe.


  1. FYI, your FIL got his snow blower working yesterday despite it having been cursed at and kicked thoroughly back in December. If anyone had a 4 wheel-drive vehicle (ahem) they could borrow it, but would have to return it same day and/or use it on our driveway first. Also, if you lived on DD you would have awesome neighbors who just go ahead and do your driveway with their snowblowers while they're out doing five others. That's just how they roll over on this side of town. They also went ahead and did the street because the plow still hasn't come.

  2. Austin & I can't wait until those puppies go on sale this spring!! We will not spend another Iowa winter without one (although you guys have gotten more snow than us by inches and inches). I am envious of my neighbors with snow blowers.... but many times they take pity on me & do my driveway, too.

  3. Girl, you have some great tasty recipes that I now devise my kitchen culture through. You should have found a heavyset gentlemen on your block, and enticed him with some delicious cookies and hot cocoa in exchange for your snowblown driveway. I would consider that a more than fair trade. Just a thought for the next snow...


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