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January 4, 2010

Wii Surrender...

Little Chica is only 17 months old, so she is not yet into the world of video games. She is perfectly happy with the every day boring toys we've given her, sometimes imbibing in an episode of Sesame Street or some educational games on the Starfall website. We hope that she might never know the deathly grip and competative nature video games can have on their unsuspecting victims.

This Christmas, Hubby and I used some of our holiday booty to buy a Wii.

Yup, we've hopped on that bandwagon. We have the remotes. The nunchucks. All of the necessary wires. Yes. We even bought games. And since Little Chica is so young, we cannot really use her as an excuse as to WHY we got a wii.

So I'll be honest: we just wanted one. I was really excited by the idea Wii Fit Plus, which I have thoroughly enjoyed and have been challenged by. Hubby, on the other hand, has been getting his fill of sports-themed games and every Mario Brothers ever created.

Fact: We know lots of people who "bought their kids" Wii's this holiday season.

Many kids we know opened the rectangular box on Christmas Morning to find a new digital pastime to occupy their every waking hour. Parents looked on, playfully rolling their eyes, seemingly distant from the item that had adorned their children's Christmas Lists for so long. They moved the conversation along, chiding their cherubs with remarks like, "I remember having an Atari once. Sure it's fun now, but you'll grow tired of it soon enough." All the while, their own eyes scanned the packaging, their hearts raced and anticipation grew. They held back their itchy trigger fingers until the clocks ticked toward bedtime, when there was free reign over the best-loved present under the tree.

You think you're so smart. You think you are flying under the radar, and that no one will realize your terrible secret.

But we know.

We know the truth. So it's time to come clean:

You bought yourselves a Wii. And you use the excuse that it's for your kids.

I know. I know you pretend that the Wii is a waste of time. You claim the Wii is a childhood play thing with no recreational value whatsoever. You would never be caught playing it, lest you humiliate yourself , looking the part of a fool.

Yet, there is your name on the score page. You secretly rack up hours: during naps, during school, after they go to bed. Somehow, your high scores mysteriously appear, capsizing any progress your school-aged kids have made.

All the while, you feign disinterest, brushing off this appliance as though it were no different than every other toy in your basement.

But we know.

We know the truth.

So be up front about your obsession. Don't blame the kids.

Atleast I can be honest about it....


  1. you're hilarious

    i played mario on the wii yesterday - i wasn't that good but it was a fun game!

    happy :)

  2. I am not ashamed to admit that I bought a Wii with the money I got for cashing in my unused personal days for work. I don't even have kids yet! I just love my Wii so much...I do Wii Fit and Active all the time.

  3. We bought our Wii this summer as our birthdays/anniversary presents, but just got the Wii Fit for Christmas. OMG - can we say addicting??? I've never been one for video games, but the Wii takes it to a whole new level!


  4. I highly recommend getting the EA Active "game". It's all workout stuff, and it's great for when you can't (or don't want to) go to the Y. Enjoy your Wii. We have it, love it and fully admit that it's for us.


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