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December 29, 2009

Things I love:

As I work on writing up some great info on 2 MUST-HAVE books for 2010, I wanted to share an awesome toddler resource I have found.

My friend, Jen, showed me this website when we were visiting a few weeks ago. Her gorgeous son is about 6 months older than Little Chica, and has a genius-level grasp of the alphabet. I'm certain he will be reading in the next few weeks. And it will make the evening news., Where children have fun learning to read!

While we visited, he played on this fun website called It is a website dedicated to helping little kids learn their ABC's and older kids to read. The website has beautiful colors and sounds and pictures.

The toddler/ABC page has been mesmerising my Little Chica. As she clicks on each letter block, a larger image of the letter pops up, as well as an audio of how to say the letter. Pictures that beginning with the letter will come across the screen, and encourages the child to sound out the letter. As your child grows, you can graduate to phonics and reading challenges.

It's fun for Little Chica to have her own "website" to fiddle on. I love that she is learning and growing in her ABC's!

Check out the ABC's page, and explore the whole site!


  1. yet another reason Justin and I need a computer. I'll be sure to check it out after I break his arm dragging him into Best Buy.

  2. Love Starfall!

    When she gets a little older, be sure to check out

    I used to use it when I taught computer with the primary grades. They LOVE IT!! I have to remember to post about it on my site one of these days!

  3. I love this website, too...I use it with my second graders when I teach phonics. There are so many amazing resources on the internet!


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