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November 1, 2009


Hello Faithful Friends!

If you are reading this, you are truly FAITHFUL, as I have been on a blogging leave-of-absence for almost 2 weeks. In that time, I attended my sister's wedding (despite being terribly sick), packed my house, moved my house, took up new residence, EXTREMELY worn out!

I miss blogging. I cannot WAIT to be back! And, starting TOMORROW, I will resume my usual posting. Lots of new recipes, Revolution Gift ideas, Confessions, Thoughts AND a GIVEAWAY that will be PERFECT for the upcoming Thanksgiving Feast!

Thanks for your patience and not giving up on me - can't wait to be back tomorrow! So tune in!

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  1. Wow!! All that in two weeks - with a little "helper" running around?... I feel for ya.

    Hope you can rest, relax and settle down, though I did miss you. Glad to hear you're okay.


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