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September 15, 2009

WCGM: Rain, Pumpkins and Zucchini

I am not going to lie: It was a grey and dreary Saturday morning for the Market this past weekend. Rain was drizzling and the sun was no where to be seen behind the clouds. Despite the unfortunate conditions, the Market was refreshing and Market Goers were excited!

Off the bat, my attention was drawn to a contraption I had never seen before (in person): A Street Organ. This instrument sounds a bit like a harpsidcord, and it is prompted by loading a book of sheet music with holes in it. This sheet music is run through the organ, causing different pitches to come out of the various shaped/sized holes. Lucille, the Street Organ musician, was cranking the paper through with what looked like a steering wheel. Lucille said this particular Street Organ was made in France. Quite a treat for the WCGM, bringing a bit of brightness on a dreary day!

Last week I didn't use my eggplant fast enough...to continue reading CLICK HERE...

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