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August 3, 2009

WCGM: Ice Cream, Zinnias and Coolcumbers

What a day at the West Chester Growers Market! Although it was hot, the sun was shining beautifully upon the tent-adorned parking lot on the corner of Church and Chestnut Streets. My sister joined me and My Little Market Goer this past Saturday morning. We arrived shortly after the Market opened, around 9:30am. That may seem early to you, but for faithful Market Goers, I was LATE! By the time we arrived, the Market was bustling with movement and buzzing with conversation.

We ran into my in-laws, who are punctual Market Goers, were actually on their way HOME. My MIL (mother-in-law) was excited she had snagged some more sweet white corn and fresh peaches. They informed us that the Chile Spot was here this week, which I was not expecting (Note: we mixed up our dates, and the Chile Spot will actually not be here THIS coming Saturday. More on that in Friday's Preview Post).

After we said good-bye to them, my sister and I made a game plan. Game Plans at the Market are sometimes necessary when it is busy. Without one, you might miss out on some good produce! We decided to walk one loop and check out each stand, so we could more easily decide what we wanted and needed.

As we made our way down toward the other end of the parking lot, we happened upon this week's Market Musicians...Continue Reading...


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