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July 21, 2009

Local Flavor Tuesday - Upcoming Events!

Apologies for the previous post. It was on my mind since waking up, and I needed to "put" it somewhere.

BUT, there are PLENTY of locally awesome (and flavorful!) things going on these last 2 weeks of July.

The Kimberton Fair in Phoenixville/Kimberton, PA is going on NOW until Saturday (July 25). We used to live close to the Kimberton Fair Grounds, located off Rt. 113 in Phoenixville - and I can assure you, this event is BIG and FUN! There are rides, music, GREAT FOOD, and plenty of contests. One contest has piqued my interest: the baby contest . I'm still deciding whether to take the risk to enter, but the monetary 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes are tempting! And, I might be biased, but I have a pretty cute baby. If contests are not your thing, The Kimberton Fair has plenty more to offer. Check out their website for more info.

The Goshen Country Fair in West Chester, PA is coming! This upcoming Monday, July 27, kicks off a week of fun! This is a fair I have been attending since my age was still 1 digit. I live within walking distance of the fair grounds (I seem to live near a lot of exciting places, don't I?), and the buzz of attraction will be sweeping the area for the entire week. The schedule of events is full, and I am looking forward to playing BINGO (and, let's be honest: I'm looking forward to the food. Especially the donuts). The Goshen Fair is also promoting some contests, including various agriculture contests, a Hershey's Cocoa Contest,an Angel Food Cake Contest, and a Beer/Wine Contest (my husband will be entering his homebrews!). Fun! The music line-up is enticing, and the rides are always exciting (note: I personally do not find carnival rides "exciting." I think the only attraction to these death traps contraptions is that one is locking oneself into a ride that is portable, built in less than a day, and can be taken apart in roughly an hour. Yes, I find this terrifying, but that's another post all together). Apart from the "rides," there will be door prizes, drawings, contests, and, yes my friends, a milking demonstration. YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS IT! The fair ends Saturday, August 1. Check their website or the Goshen Fire Co website for more info!

It seems like July is going out with a bang. If you know of any other fun events or activities in the local Philly/Philly suburb area, email me so we can spread the word!


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